'Suits' 2.03 "Meet the New Boss" Recap

This week on ‘Suits’, our opening scene is a perfect example of what not to do if you think someone has broken into your house. Mike walks into his dark apartment and states he is armed with a really big gun! He is so unbelievable his grandmother even scolds him about it. He realizes he missed their dinner date because he’s been working so hard, he forgot even what day it was.

In the conference room, Jessica is welcoming back (officially) Daniel Hardman to the firm. Daniel states he is to be number two after Jessica like Bill would have been to Hilary (if she had won). Almost immediately after that, he butts into what Jessica is talking about to let her know he can handle the case. Jessica says she has already assigned it to Harvey, so he insists on “helping”. Donna gets the files from Rachel’s office as a favor to Mike, because he is too scared to confront her after breaking up with her. Harvey meets Daniel in his office and hands him a pro bono child custody case to prove that Daniel has really changed.

Mike talking to the nurse

Mike and Harvey are speaking to the nurse about the settlement for Prescott Hospital, but she refuses the offer unless she has access to the money in the new account the hospital has set up for new machinery. Jessica enters Louis’ office with a copy of New York Lawyers magazine saying that Harvard wants to resend their on-campus recruiting privileges. Louis immediately takes initiative to fix it.   Louis walks in to talk to the associates letting them know they are going to lie to the woman coming in order to keep their on-campus recruiting privileges. Harvey shows up in court to find Daniel already there. Daniel’s TRO motion is granted. Harvey is angry because he wanted the injunction instead of the temporary restraining order. Daniel let him know that he is the boss and Harvey can either work with him, or against him. If he chooses to work against him, what happened in court will continue to happen.

Harvey goes to the site of the strike and lets the nurse know that their offer is off the table and every day they refuse the deal, the offer drops. Louis introduces Sheila to the associates, very loudly. She explains to him it was supposed to be a fly-on-the-wall type deal. Meanwhile, Rachel and Donna are at happy hour getting very drunk and lying about their occupations. This scene made me laugh. A lot.



Daniel asks Mike into his office and pretty much gets him to go behind Harvey’s back and screw some stuff up. Mike leaves to speak to the nurse again, this time alone. He takes her to his grandmothers nursing home to get on a personal level with her to find out what she wants. She says she just wants enough money to pay overworked nurses. Sheila decides to let Pearson Hardman keep their recruiting privileges, but she lets Louis know the associates think they do more work than he does. Mike goes to tell Harvey what he did because he thought Harvey would be happy, but Harvey goes to Daniel to talk things out. Harvey tells Daniel what a mistake he’s made and when everything goes down the drain, it will be his fault. Daniel and Mike pull an all-nighter trying to figure out what they’re going to do about the case.

Harvey walks by Louis and sees he’s upset. This scene was my favorite! They were reminiscing about when they were first years and they pulled a 48 hour straight shift and how their associates now think they’re dying working 20. This brings Harvey a good idea about the nurse case. Harvey said “You’re the man” to Louis! Harvey leaves and Louis pulls out his tape recorder. Louis recorder Harvey’s kind words and keeps replaying them to himself!

Louis talking to the associates about New York Lawyers Magazine


Mike goes into Rachel’s office looking for a file and accidentally sees her Match.com profile. Rachel shows up and explains she hasn’t posted it yet, because she can’t type up the essay section. Mike starts telling her things to say on her profile and it is the sweetest moment. It is obvious to Rachel (and the viewers) that Mike still has feelings for her. Mike leaves the room.

Mike, Daniel, and Harvey walk into the room with the nurse and Harvey tells her to sign the agreement or everyone will be fired because they are staying late and that violates state labor laws. Mike is angry with Harvey because he and Daniel are fighting and he’s stuck in the middle.

Rachel shows up at Mike’s apartment and wants to know why he broke up with her if he still has feelings for her like he OBVIOUSLY does. She comes to the conclusion that he is hiding something from her. She wants to know what he’s hiding, but he still doesn’t tell her. “Once I say it, I can never take it back.” Mike replies.

Jessica and Harvey are having tea when Daniel walks in. He apologizes to Jessica and Harvey, and he explains why he had her tea set. His wife gave it to her and it reminded him of her. Donna asks Rachel why she’s all dressed up. Jessica goes to tell Louis she was impressed with the way he handled the associates. He tells her he just wished that every now and then she would give him the chance to rise to the occasion. Harvey tells Mike all about Daniel’s past. Rachel is taking the LSAT’s! Mike went to see his grandmother because one of her meds is for heart problems. She assured him it was nothing to worry about and that she’s going to hook him up with someone!


Rachel talking the LSATs


This was one of my favorite episodes EVER! I can’t wait to see what will happen with the rest of the season. Till next week! #WWHD?

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