Top 5 Bands with Huge Fan Bases

Honest Reviews Corner is a site for you. We want to feature the musicians that you already love or will someday love. Having a dedicated fan base (big or small) can really help an artist keep doing what he/she loves best: playing music. Artists truly would be nowhere with out their fans. Here are some bands and artists we have found that really do have a dedicated fan base. Vote for the artist who you love the most and want to see featured on our site more often! If a band or artist receives over 5,000 votes they will become our artist or band of the month! If a band or artist receives over 10,000 votes, we will give away free concert tickets and merch so you can see them at their next show!

 Taylor Thrash – Thrashers

Taylor Thrash gives the term small but mighty a new meaning. He may not be as well known as he should be, but his fans are more than supportive! He is constantly among the top bands on Pure Volume, and his views on Stickam rise to the top of the charts! The #Thrashers will always stick by his side! Make sure to check him out on select dates on Warped Tour this year!

 Never Shout Never – Shouters

I always see the longest line of fans waiting outside of Never Shout Never concerts. He worked hard to get where he is, but it seemed like his huge fan base grew overnight! I remember when I saw him in 2006. I went to see the opening band, but as soon as I got to the venue I saw that the line for him was all the way around the block and the room was full of fans there for him! He recently was on the Journeys Backyard BBQ Tour where he rocked the stage for thousands of fans!





Justin Bieber – Beliebers

It’s crazy to think that three years ago, we lived in a world where nobody new who Justin Bieber was. Now, I dare you to find someone who hasn’t heard of him. Beliebers have grown by the millions in a few short years. It’s my belief that there are only two kinds of people in this world: people who love Justin Bieber, and people who are afraid to admit that they love the Biebs. Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that Justin has real talent! Check him out on his next USA tour with Carly Rae Jepson!





Action Item – AI Family

My favorite thing about Action Item is how friendly they are. They try their best to stay at the venue until they have met each and every fan. Because of this, I was a fan of Action Item before I learned the lyrics to their songs. They have the power to trend topics on twitter and sell out tours. These five boys are unstoppable! Make sure to join them for their movie premiere of “Until It’s Over”.

 Paradise Fears – Turtles

Paradise Fears fans have been called “maniacal” by Pure Volume, and that describes them perfectly.  The tightly knit fan base has come together to help out this band in any way possible. Turtles, as they are called, have re-defined the word fan. Not only do they appreciate the music, and the people making the music, but they also appreciate those around the band. And when a Turtle says they are going to do something for the band, they go all out. Scrapbooks full of other Turtle’s stories, videos from multiple fans for band members birthdays, and there was even a video made for Jordan Merrigan, lead guitar, when his family was going through a tough time.  To say the least Turtles care for these 6 boys from South Dakota, they would drop everything to help out the boys, and even a fellow Turtle in need.

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  1. How does one get reviews by Honest Reviews Corner? I have just finished an EP with the incomparable Mama Jan of Jan Smith Studios (Usher, the Biebs, The Band Perry and countless others), and would really appreciate unbiased feedback. I haven’t revealed any on the songs yet – I am meeting with a photographer for the cover shots next week.
    Could you email me to let me know?


    Stevie Jewel

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