Suits 2X10 Recap "High Noon" Harvey Specter doesn't get cotton mouth.

This episode wastes no time so neither will I. This episode starts with the vote for managing partner. Mike is at the office and Rachel doesn’t even know why he came in. He just wants to lose himself in his work. Daniel Hardman wins the vote. Daniel tells Harvey there are no hard feelings. He wants to make sure Harvey is staying put. Harvey is ready to leave the firm. He told Jessica he could grab all the associates and about twelve partners. Jessica reminds him what a bad idea that is because if they leave, they can’t practice law for a year. Non-compete clause. Harvey says they should leave anyways. Jessica reassures him that they will regroup. Mike is obviously still reeling from his loss so he goes to buy some pot from the coffee cart guy. He thinks Mike is a cop but Mike convinces him otherwise. Harvey goes into his office to see its being packed up. Donna tells him that they are being moved to the 46th floor. Daniel gave his office to Paul Porter. Harvey tells Daniel that he’s coming for him, so Daniel tells Louis that they need to get rid of Harvey. Louis finds Mike in the bathroom and tells him that he is no longer Harvey’s associate and hands him a bunch of cases to do. Then Louis goes to Harvey and hands him a case to do and tells him that Mike can’t help him. Harvey immediately goes to find Mike, but Mike starts yelling that he needs to learn how to accept defeat. Harvey tells Mike to go home. He goes home and gets stoned.

Harvey is working on the case that Louis gave him. Donna tries to help but she’s still no Mike Ross. She reminds Harvey that he was the one that sent Mike home. Harvey tells her that he thought he would come back. She insists that he call Mike but Harvey just gets to work. Rachel comes to get Mike for the funeral but he’s still not ready. She finds his pot and he “flushes” it to put her mind at ease. In the bathroom he puts the pot in his medicine cabinet. At the funeral Mike is not wanting to speak, but and old flame, Tess, and Rachel talk him into it. In his eulogy he told the story of the night his parents died and that night she wasn’t just his Grammy anymore, she was his whole family. AWWWE. Louis goes to check on Harvey and is reluctantly impressed at how well he does his job. Then Louis tells Harvey he’ll be his second seat and how he likes his coffee. Harvey throws something against the wall. Tess goes to the house with Mike and when he kisses her, she tells him she’s married. He immediately throws her out. Harvey shows up at Mike’s apartment and Mike tells Harvey about his Grammy. Harvey thought he wanted to be buried in his work. Harvey asks Mike if he’s stoned and then walks in and lights up a joint. They get baked. It was hysterical.

Louis goes to Donna to tell her that she will always have a place there (with him) no matter what happens with Harvey or Jessica. She pretty much tells him to shove off and how he was part of their “team” but he blew it. Harvey is blazed so he’s sharing things with Mike that otherwise he wouldn’t. He told Mike about his parents and about that time he peed in Louis’ office. They had a great plan to go do it again, but Harvey wanted to do something original. He told Mike what he and Donna do with the can opener. Off camera of course, so we still don’t know but now at least Mike does. Meanwhile Louis is in Harvey’s office trying to crack his password on his laptop! Harvey grabs Louis and almost hits him but luckily Mike was there to pull Harvey off of him. They start talking about planting pot in Daniel’s office and then Harvey has a revelation. Harvey doesn’t believe that Donna ever saw that memo and he’s realizing how easy it would be for someone else to stamp it. They take this news to Jessica and she believes it, but she wants proof. While Mike and Jessica go through the files, Harvey pays opur old friend Tanner a visit. They box, which was pretty awesome. Tanner finally tells Harvey that the memo was fake. Mike kisses Rachel and she tells him that its not a good idea.

Mike goes to the CEO of the motor company to get him to sign an affidavit stating that he told Daniel Hardman about the faulty cars and that he forged the memo. He refuses to sign it. Louis gets Hardman to sign a form to allow drug testing of senior partners. Harvey refuses the drug test (because he’d fail) and tells Louis before they fire him he has the right to a hearing among the other partners. At the hearing, Harvey admits that he was high and also accuses Daniel of betraying the firm. Jessica backs him up 100% and told him that if he goes, she goes. She reminded all the partners of how he cost them all $100,000 of their own money with his fake lawsuit. Mike comes in with the affidavit (signed with his own signature, but no one needed to know that.) and the voting began. Harvey was voted to stay, but Daniel Hardman with everyone- including Louis’ vote- was voted out. Tess comes over to Mike’s apartment BECAUSE HE CALLED HER. They sleep together and after they’re finished, Rachel comes to the door. Tess is still there. Naked. The episode ends with Rachel leaving.

That was awesome for a summer finale! Expect new episodes in January!

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