Interview with the Band of the Week: Le Paige

Le Paige is a band from Hollywood, California who has recently started up a kickstarter to help their band grow and raise money to make their brand new album: “Goodnight to Midnight” Donate to Le Paige’s Kickstarter here! To see their full featured article click here and read on as we discuss Warped Tour, Hit The Lights, and more!

Interesting band name. How did you guys come up with it?

“During the band naming process we went through several good (and bad) names, none which really seemed unique. We chose Le Paige, because it was our singer’s middle name with an extra letter. (Beau LePage Garner) Creative, no?”

First EP was titled HTL was it named after the band or is there another reason you chose that title like the lyrics from Modern Day Aphrodite?

The name “Hit the Lights” was established from the beginning. We had a very party/pop rock vision and we wanted everyone to be hitting the lights when our tracks came on! Plus, it’s the last lyric during the last song of the EP, so when you finally finish Modern Day Aphrodite, you hear “So hit the lights!””

Our favorite track off of HTL is Modern Day Aphrodite. What’s yours?

If we were to take a vote between the four of us, Iceberg Ahead would be the top contender. It’s the heaviest song we’ve got on the EP with the sick breakdown in the middle.”

What was it like playing Warped?

“Absolutely unreal, We had all been dreaming of playing Warped since before we were even a band. The best part was that we got to watch one of our biggest influences, Mayday Parade, play just right before our set!

 The fun doesn’t stop there though! We got invited for another date next year by Kevin Lyman when were played LA County Fair. We intend to do the whole tour someday!”

You guys used Kickstarter before, how did you come up with the #FreeBeau video this time and the rewards?

 “Last year our goal was just $1,000. We knew we were aiming much higher (about $9000 higher) this time so we knew we had to put some thought into it and really turn our campaign into an event people wanted to be involved in. 

Before making our campaign we did some research on other successful campaigns and saw that each one had a unique quality about it whether it is the product or the pitch. We needed something to stand out from the other music projects, and before we knew it, Beau was kidnapped.”

Are you guys exited to work with Lee?

Way stoked! We all love his work with Mayday Parade, Stages and Stereos, and Go Radio (who we just shared a stage with). Plus, Georgia’s a beautiful state. You should visit us while we’re there!”

Did you guys already have a favorite track off of Goodnight to Midnight? Has any of it been written yet?

“All the songs have been written, unless we decide to record a song we haven’t written yet… We’re looking forward to recording all the songs actually, but the ones that we’re extra excited to record would be the title track “Goodnight to Midnight,” the naughty love song, “Yoga Master,” and the soft ballad “Until Tonight””

What was it like opening for Go Radio and SafetySuit?

“Probably our favorite show so far. It was a last minute booking and we weren’t sure if it was going to happen for a while. But it finally did and we arrived to a PACKED house. We don’t always get the opportunity to play directly to the pop rock/pop punk crowd, so the crowd at this show was extra enthusiastic about us. Everyone loved the set and we made tons of new friends, and that’s what it’s about!”

If you could open for any band who would it be?

“Wow there are so many choices, and to avoid a cheesy monologue on how there are too many good acts to choose from, we would travel back in time to open for the Beatles. However since time travel is NOT possible, we’ll choose Justin Bieber, The All-American Rejects, and Maroon 5”

What is one thing your fans don’t know about you yet?

“If they don’t all ready, how much we love them for being with us here while we are still so fresh on the scene. These will stay especially close to our hearts when we finally “hit it big.”  

We also can’t thank our Kickstarter supporters enough for helping our campaign up to this point. Every day we move up towards our monetary goal needed to record this CD, we are reminded that we couldn’t have done any of this without you guys.

Keep pledging, we can’t WAIT to give you this next record!”

Any shows coming up?

We’re going to play Cal State University, Long Beach at noon on October 24th, the day our campaign ends. This will be the celebration show for a successful campaign and our farewell appearance before we head to Georgia for the studio!”


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