Interview with MTV's 'Battle of the Seasons' contestants Jemmye Carroll and Ryan Knight

Jemmy and Knight starred on MTV’s “The Real World: Back to New Orleans”. They dated while living in Uptown New Orleans, and broke up after filming when Knight cheated on Jemmye. They reunited on this seasons “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons”. They made it over half way through the challenge, but were finally sent home by Zach and Sam from San Diego. Check out our interview with them below. We discuss their picks to win, the advantages/disadvantages of a two person team, and the status of their relationship now! You can follow Jemmye on twitter here, and Knight here.

What was it like living in a house with your ex?

Knight: “Awh. Man. Well when your ex is Jemmye, and all crazy like that, it’s a little hard. I’m just messing. It really wasn’t bad. When I was having a rough time I could always talk to Jemmye. We will always have this bond. It was weirder, like prior to the actual experience.”

Jemmye: “I agree. Once we saw each other at the airport we were fine. The anticipation of wondering what it would be like before actually seeing each other again is what was awkward. When we saw each other it was familiar and comfortable. It was like how it’s always been.”

Knight: “She saw me and fell in love again!”

Jemmye: “Not true. Everyone has seen the episodes. They know the truth!”

Knight: “That’s editing. Come on! [laughs]”

 How did it feel going from being the team in charge to going into the arena?

Jemmye: “When we started Logged Out we knew it was a four person challenge. It was going to be us or Marie and Robb at the bottom, and we had the worse day that day.”

Knight: “We were at a HUGE disadvantage. You drink a little bit more when you are the power team, than when you’re going into the arena, so that may have been a bad thing about it. It was also a bummer going up against our friends, but that happens. Wished our alliance had won Logged Out!”

Do you guys think it was fair that for Logged Out you guys only had two players verses four? Don’t you think the other teams should have only competed with two players as well?

Knight: “It is Battle of the Seasons, and we were what’s left of our season. Obviously, it was an advantage to have all four members in Logged Out, but some challenges the advantage goes to the two players instead.”

On a scale of 1-10 how difficult was Water Torture?

Knight: “It was an 8 or 9 for me. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done. It was all upper body strength and the blood was rushing to my head. Jemmye was trying to tell me what to do and help, and I was trying to relax myself so I could succeed. She was helpless; it all depended on if I could go down and hold my breath for as long as she needed.”

Jemmye: “That arena challenge sucked. I didn’t want to go out that way. I didn’t want to do Water Torture initially. I didn’t get to do a lot for my part. I didn’t get to fight to stay there like I would have liked to. It is what it is though.”

Knight: “I also feel like I let Jemmye down. If I could have held my breath longer she would have been able to get the other puzzle pieces in. We may have been able to beat Sam and Zach. It was hell. Torture is a good word for that challenge.”

 What arena challenge would you guys have rather done?

Knight: “I wouldn’t have minded hitting someone. So I would have rather done Hall Brawl.”

You guys were close friends with Zach, who would you rather have going into the arena against?

Knight: “Zach was my best friend in the house. So, honestly, I would have rather gone against anyone else. If I could pick anyone I’d like to go against someone not in my alliance. But, I know that friends going against friends is all part of the challenge. An alliance can only last so long, until it separates, and you have to do what’s best for your team not the alliance.”

Jemmye: “I wanted to go against Vegas. Really going against our alliance was the only option since Brooklyn was the power team.”

Knight: “We actually went up to Brooklyn and asked them to put us against Vegas in Hall Brawl.”

Jemmye: “They said they wouldn’t do that because of Sarah and Alton.”

Knight: “So here we are. Back at home.”

Let’s talk about the note to CJ. Hilarious prank. Were there other pranks that we didn’t see on camera that happened in the house?

Jemmye: “The first night in the house Frank passed out butt naked in the bathroom.”

Knight: “The catering in our house was so good that nobody wanted to eat anything [laughs]. Wes put a cooked fish on Frank. Frank then went and slept in his bed. His bed was next to mine, so as we’re doing this prank I thought it myself “wow this is pretty stupid” [laughs]. Frank only slept in that bed the first night. The bed smelled like fish, olive oil and tomatoes the entire time. There were always little pranks going on. I would mess with Trishelle and Nany’s beds all the time. Trishelle thought she had this really nice mattress, so I switched it with someone else’s.”

Jemmye: “The note was probably the best prank though!”

Knight: “It took CJ a couple of days to figure out Ashley didn’t actually write it. CJ was so excited walking around thinking she wrote it. I almost felt bad. He was heartbroken when he found out, and he is such a nice guy!”

Do you guys think New Orleans was a stronger team without Mackenzie and Preston?

Knight: “Yeah. Absolutely.”

Jemmye: “If we hadn’t done a challenge that was made for a four person team we wouldn’t have lost. I think we were stronger without them; we just lost because of the type of challenge Logged Out was.”

Knight: “Jemmye and I were always coaching Mackenzie when she was on our team. It got to a point where Mackenzie was okay with being mediocre, but Jemmye and I wanted to win the challenge. We never wanted to come in second; we always wanted to come in first.”

Jemmye: “Mackenize would get excited every time we finished a challenge, and Knight and I had to keep telling her the objective was to win the entire challenge, not just finish a challenge.”

Knight: “Thank god Easy was there, otherwise we may have been one of the first teams sent home.”

Jemmye: “Mackenize was terrified of heights, so we had to coach her every challenge. We knew how it would be going into the house though.”

Now that the challenge is over and you guys are on speaking terms, are you guys going to continue to talk? Do you plan on talking with your other New Orleans housemates like Mackenzie and Preston?

Jemmye: “I talk to Ashlee every day, and I plan on remaining friends with Knight.”

Knight: “I called Ashlee yesterday to wish her a happy birthday. Her birthday is actually on Saturday, but I was drunk, so it’s okay. Jemmye and I are in a good place right now, so I hope that continues. Hopefully our friendship will keep growing. Jemmye knows that if she ever needs anything all she has to do is call me. I’ll always have her back.”

Who are you rooting for to win?

Jemmye: “Marie is my girl. She’s my sister. Obviously I would love to see her go to the end and win!”

Knight: “I like a person from each team. I don’t have a specific winner, but I’d like someone from our alliance to win!”




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  1. When this season first started a part of me wanted Jemmye and Knight back together; as the show progressed you could see it was definitely in their best interest to remain friends and partners. I missed the past episode of ‘The Challenge’ because of my work schedule at DISH. I wasn’t sure I would make it home in time to catch the re-runs so I set my DISH Hopper to record it. There is over 2,000 hours of recording room so I have no problems recording this show, and my other favorite programs. I can’t wait for the final challenge as it is always hard to figure out who is going to win.

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