'X Factor' Diva Week Results

This week theme was Diva week and some of the acts definitely brought it while others failed to live up to the diva standards.
Unfortunately, the first act to leave this week was Lyric 145. Demi Lovato commented that she did not feel the “We Will Rock You/E.T” collab that Simon put together. It seemed to be that America agreed.

The next act to go was a complete shock. Jennel Garcia was asked to leave the competition. Demi’s ‘Young Adult’ group is slowly getting smaller as both Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia


were the bottom two. They both had to sing for their lives in order to stay in the competition.  LA voted for Jennel to leave and Britney Spears agreed. SImon told Demi she had to say who she wanted to leave first before he would say his choice. She chose Paige and Simon shortly after said Jennel. Three votes for Jennel sent her home.

Demi Lovato was very much emotional saying goodbye to Jennel as well as the rest of the contestants. Nobody is safe in this competition and every vote is crucial!

Keep voting for your favorites to stay!
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