Interview with Nany González from MTV's The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons

Nany starred on MTV’s ‘The Real World: Las Vegas’ (Back to Las Vegas). On RW:LV she proved how emotionally strong she was, by dealing with Adam and her biological father and sister.  Recently, she competed on MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons’, where she proved to us all that she was a strong and fierce competitor, volunteering to go into the arena twice!  Sadly, she was sent home after being defeated by Marie and Robb, but HRC doesn’t believe this is the last we’ll be seeing of Nany! Read our interview with Nany below. We discuss Frank, Alton, Trishelle and “The Fight”. Make sure you’re following Nany on twitter!

We know that you are still very close with Zito, Heather, Naomi, and Mike, but do you still talk to Cooke, Adam or Leroy?

“I don’t talk to Adam. I haven’t talked to him since the reunion for Real World: Las Vegas. I don’t hate Adam, there’s just nothing I want to talk to him about [laughs]. I talk to Leroy every once in a while. He lives in Vegas and he’s really busy doing his own thing. I don’t talk to him as much as I talk to Mike, Heather, Dustin and Naomi.  Cooke is out of the country a lot. She plays soccer in the Philippines, so she’s always off doing something. We’re still pretty good friends, and we do talk when we can.”

Did you tell anybody that if Trishelle didn’t volunteer herself into the arena you would volunteer? Or was that a surprise to your team?

I think it was a surprise to our team, but I know Dustin and Alton knew that I had no problem going in if Trishelle wasn’t going to women up, and step up to the plate by voting herself in. I think it was a surprise when it happened though. I’m pretty sure Trishelle thought that she was going to leave the decision up to San Diego, but I wasn’t going to let that happen. There was no way in hell that I was going to let San Diego have a say.”

Were you secretly hoping that Dustin would volunteer too?

“Yeah I was. Honestly, I really really really was. Dustin, Trishelle, Alton and I all had an agreement from day one of this challenge. In the first arena, Dustin and I volunteered ourselves. It wasn’t even an issue. As soon as Vegas got voted into the arena, Dustin and I spoke up. Trishelle and Alton were like “oh really? That’s cool of you guys, the next arena we’ll go in.” It was just an understanding we had that they would go in next, but when it came down to it, Trishelle had a fit. It was messed up.”

After leaving, what was your opinion of Trishelle?

“I know that on the show I was just laughing it off, thinking that it was okay, and whatever. Secretly inside, I was really really pissed off. What upset me the most was that Trishelle wanted to leave the decision up to San Diego. I didn’t want to look upset or mad though. That’s why I went into the arena with a smile on my face, and left with a smile on my face. I knew that San Diego and Cancun couldn’t wait for me to leave. I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of seeing me upset. In my head I was thinking that Trishelle was a coward.”

In the last episode there was “the fight”, were there parts that they didn’t show us on camera? How realistic was this fight?

“They broke this three hour fight into a thirty second clip. You have no idea what this fight was like. It literally went on forever. Frank kept coming back and antagonizing us. At one point, Dustin and I went to our pool house and just stayed there, and Frank came running in twice. We were like “Really dude? We are trying to separate ourselves and you keep coming in here and are trying to give us more shit!” Frank didn’t want that fight to end. Frank was just talking crap and Dustin and I had enough. You can only take so many low blows before you retaliate and low blow back. What they didn’t show was that after Dustin hit Frank we went back to the pool house again. I got really hungry at like 3 o’clock in the morning and went into the house to go make food [laughs]. Only a few people were still awake.  I was making eggs and rice, minding my own business, and next thing I know in walks Frank. Frank starts talking shit to me AGAIN. I’m eating my own food, while Frank is trying to get into my face. I told him to get out of my face. I just wanted him to stop. Enough is enough. I threw the food at Frank. They didn’t show that! We both said things that they never aired. It was a stupid fight, that was never ending.”

Before the fight you had said you and Derek were great friends, now do you and Derek still talk?

“Let me clear something up. Derek and I were friends outside of the challenge. I live in Arizona and Derek is from Arizona. Before the challenge Derek and I hung out all the time. We’ve been hanging out for over a year. He’s like a brother to me. On this challenge, he was on a different alliance, and it seemed like he didn’t want to be my friend. I can understand how being in different alliances is weird, but why does this game have to change our friendship? Derek would sit there and listen Frank, Zach and Knight talk shit about me and he wouldn’t do anything! I would have stuck up for him if the roles were reversed. I would have been the first person to stick up for Derek! The alliance wouldn’t have mattered to me. The whole time I was there I let Derek’s actions slide, so that night I couldn’t take it anymore. I was disgusted with him. I was kind of a bitch at first the way I approached the situation. I’ll admit that, but I’d had enough. The entire fight could have been avoided if Frank hadn’t stepped in on the conversation between Derek and I. Our conversation would have lasted a minute, and then been done with, and we could have carried on with our night. But, because Frank stepped in, the pot got stirred. He claims that he hates drama, but all he does is create drama. I was literally on my own during this challenge. Yes, I had Dustin and Marie, but I kept to myself. I didn’t get involved in anyone’s drama. The only drama I got involved with was drama that was brought to me. I had to stick up for myself. I’m not a pushover!”

Since you and Marie are so close, was there another team you’d rather have competed against in the arena?

“Honestly, I am so happy that I went in against Marie, and that I lost to her. I wouldn’t have been happy losing to anyone else. She’s my friend, and I was glad she got to say, even if that meant I had to leave.”

Did Alton not give it his all in the arena?

“I don’t know. I really have no idea. The whole time Alton was ready to go home. I’ll never know why he agreed to come on the challenge. He’s done it before; he knew what he was getting into. When I volunteered myself, I wasn’t thinking about how Alton wanted to go home, I was thinking about my pride being on the line. I was in the zone, and I wasn’t really paying attention to Alton’s actions, but from what I’ve heard it didn’t look like Alton gave it his all.”

You said from the beginning that Vegas was a dysfunctional team because it was two different seasons competing as one. Who from your season of RW would you have liked to join you and Dustin on this challenge?

“Leroy and Cooke for sure! They are both great athletes. The four of us would have owned this challenge. We would have killed it. Alton had beef with San Diego and Cancun so Leroy would have been helpful. Zach, Frank and Knight would have kissed Leroy’s ass!”

Dustin said he wasn’t going to try anymore, and wouldn’t compete with Trishelle. Do you support his decision? Are you still rooting for Team Vegas to win?

“I want Dustin and Trishelle to make it to the finals! I want nothing but the best for my team, even if I’m not there. I don’t care what Dustin says, when he’s in a competition he competes. He’s a fighter. Do not worry! Dustin will give it his all no matter what!”


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