AWKWARD. Episode 3.01 "Cha-cha-cha-changes" Recap – Maybe baby?

Lacey and Jenna Hamilton in Awkward 3.01 Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes Finally, finally, we have new episodes of MTV’s hit show AWKWARD. The season opens after a summer of separation – well, Tamara, Jenna, and Ming were separated from each other – but Jenna sure was not separated from Matty any more than Tamara was separated from… Jake? Yeah. I guess they really bonded over their summer in Europe.

Tamara Ming and Jenna in Awkward 3.01 Cha-Cha-Cha-ChangesSpeaking of bonding, Jenna begins to feel left out as the gang starts junior year – and she realizes that she not only has no idea what’s going on in her best friends’ lives, but also has to watch as Tamara and Jake take PDA to a whole new level. [P.S. Did anyone want to vom after watching the two of them getting after it in the cafeteria?]

Anyway, the first half of the hour-long premiere basically focused on Jenna adjusting to being back in school. She had to face reality that she was also no longer Val’s “favorite gal” because Val and Tamara really bonded on the Euro-trip as well – must have been when she and Jake surfaced for air.

Jake Tamara and Jenna in Awkward 3.01 Cha-Cha-Cha-ChangesHowever, Val does do Jenna a solid and sign her up for creative writing. She thinks Jenna will enjoy it since she likes writing her blog. While at first reluctant, Jenna warms up to the idea and decides to give the class a shot. The upside to this is that the #JENNALIVES guy is back [and apparently his name is Kyle], as we learn he will also be joining Jenna in her new creative writing class.

The creative writing teacher Mr. Hart openly admits to being hart-less. He immediately attacks the students, singling them out for being suicidal wimps, basically. He tells them to anonymously write out their biggest fears – and when someone submits a piece about deciding whether someone lives or dies, Collin, the new guy, points out that the person was probably talking about pregnancy.Lissa and Sadie in Awkward 3.01 Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes

So, everyone in the school thinks Sadie is pregnant with Ricky Schwartz’s baby – though she denies it even to her BFF Lissa.  Jenna goes home to blog about her day – at which point her mom presents her with a pregnancy test. Jenna’s worried she might be pregnant. After deciding to keep the baby, they look at the test and discover that her eggo is not preggo.

Along those same lines, Lissa finally breaks Sadie down, at which point Sadie admits that she’s… broke! Sadie Saxton isn’t pregnant – her family lost all their money, and the stress of hiding that from her classmates is making her sick and also over-eat.

Jenna Val and Tamara 3.01 Cha-Cha-Cha-ChangesThe next day at school, Jenna and Tamara meet up and chat. Tamara apologizes to Jenna for her strange behavior. She admits that she was acting weird because she was worried that Jake wouldn’t want to be with her now that they’re back from Europe, but they DTR’d [that’s Defined The Relationship, for those who have forgotten], and now everything was all good.

Just as Jenna is about to tell her about her secret pregnancy scare, the entire school freaks out because… as Val says, “Ricky Schwartz es muerto!” [R.I.P. Ricky]

The rest was to be continued… about 10 seconds after this episode ended. Follow this link to read the recap for the second half of this Awkward. season premiere!


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