Book Review: Silencing Breath by Joanne Brothwell – Creepy and intense!


Silencing Breath by Joanne BrothwellSilencing Breath (Stealing Breath #2) by Joanne Brothwell

Release Date: March 15, 2013

Available on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Fiction



Just as Sarah Ross is learning everything she can about her new abilities as an Indigo Child and settling into a normal life with her beloved Evan, her entire world shatters when Evan disappears without a trace.

Desperate to find him, Sarah’s search leads her to a sadistic serial killer who confirms her worst fears are true; Evan has been kidnapped, and he is once again in the clutches of his abusive family of necromancers.

Sarah uncovers not only Evan’s dark past he tried so desperately to protect her from, but also The Key of Solomon, an ancient text for summoning the dead.

Knowing her abilities are limited in the face of this ancient power, Sarah is forced to face the Malandanti in order to save him. However, one question remains: once he is found, will Evan be the same man she fell in love with?


Wow, OMG, and WTF. That basically sums up my thoughts after finishing this book. If you were to ask me what direction these characters’ lives would take at the end of Stealing Breath, I would never have predicted this – and I love it. [Well, I love the unpredictability, not necessarily the outcome – poor Sarah just can’t catch a break!]

Silencing Breath is the second novel in Joanne Brothwell’s Stealing Breath series, and it picks up about four years after Stealing Breath. Sarah is on her way towards college graduation and a graduateship with the college when her past finally catches up with her. Of course, just when everything in Sarah’s life is going great and she feels comfortable letting her guard down a bit, her world comes crashing down around her.

As exciting and intriguing as Stealing Breath was, Silencing Breath really raised the bar. It was creepier, grosser, and just all around more intense than Stealing Breath – in all the best ways. Readers definitely get more insight into Evandro and Stefano’s childhood and how they were treated by their father. However, when it’s all said and done, readers might find themselves wishing they’d never gotten that backstory – because it is much worse than I had even been able to imagine.

Things move forward with Silencing Breath at a great pace – and we were even introduced to a few new characters. I found a new favorite in Alex – a friend of Kate’s friend – and someone who I hope to see much more of in the next book. There is a moment where I sat thinking that the characters were really, really dumb – read the book [because I really want you to] and you’ll know exactly what scene I mean – and it didn’t end well. However, I understand the logic behind Sarah’s decision-making throughout the story. After all, what police officer or other official would believe her even if she sought their help?

Anyway, what I’m getting at here is that Silencing Breath is simultaneously mysterious, exciting, and immensely disgusting – and I recommend you read it. [Though, obviously, read Stealing Breath first]. I’d also like to add that I was remarkably impressed with the editing in Silencing Breath. I’m not sure if I’ve just been reading too many poorly-edited books lately, but the fantastic editing really stood out to me in this book, enough to make it noteworthy.

So, follow the links at the top of this page to buy the book. Read it, enjoy it. For those who are concerned about these things, it does end on a cliffhanger – but Joanne has told us in our most recent interview with her that there will be another book. Follow the interview link to find out the details – including the title, tentative release date, and even a bit of a teaser!

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