'Hart of Dixie' Recap – Episode 2.21 "I'm Moving On"


Tonight’s episode was a virtual smorgasbord of storyline goodies for a fan to feast on.  Whether you’re a Lemon, Lavon, Annabeth, George, Tansy, Zoe, or Brick fan they had something for everyone.  It might have been a tad too much if you ask me.  One of those my eyes are bigger than my stomach type things.  It was a bit hard to keep it all together but relax I got it all.  Even Meatball.  Love Meatball.  Now where to start that is the only question.  Hey wait I know I will start least crazy end with off the freaking bend crazy.  Sound good? Yeah it does to me as well.

Our Mayor Lavon Hayes is currently embroiled in a no hold bars or rather garbage rivalry with Bubba Skinner!  Sorry I forgot the name of his character in tonight’s episode and he will always be Officer Bubba Skinner from In the Heat of the Night to me.  Seriously I can’t stop thinking of Sidney Poitier yelling “They call me Mr. Tibbs”.  Yes I know he wasn’t in the television show but it’s kind of a Six Degress of Kevin Bacon type thing.  Ok well anyways thanks to Annabeth getting involved in “mayoral business” Mayor Bubba agreed to move the trash he dumped at the Bluebell town line in return for Lavon cancelling an already cancelled 4th of July fireworks display.  She’s a crafty one that Annabeth.

I’m Moving OnThe Rammer Jammer got robbed.  Well more accurately Wade got robbed while holding up the ceiling to the Rammer Jammer.  Let’s allow that image to sink in, shall we?  While the sticky fingered contractor, that Wade hired when he didn’t like the one that Lemon hired to fix their crumbling establishment, stole the Rammer Jammer’s money from the cash register Wade was stuck holding up a ceiling.  I, on the other hand was stuck with a running image of Joey Tribbiani explaining to Chandler how he let their apartment get robbed.  Lemon being the more sensible of the two went to her father for a loan but was rejected when it was pointed out by her soon to be stepmom (more on that shortly) that it wouldn’t be right to bail Lemon out after she had been doing so well on her own.  Luckily both Wade and Lemon had a good friend in Lavon who somehow managed to get the townspeople to come and help get the place up to snuff.

Speaking of Brick and Shelby, those two crazy kids are planning on eloping.  Because why bother with all that engaged nonsense when you can just get married in a quickie wedding.  Never mind that it’s usually when a couple is engaged they discover if getting married is the right thing to do.  Don’t get me wrong I love me some Brick and Shelby.  They are my favorite couple on the show right now.  However that doesn’t mean I’m for them partaking in a shotgun wedding.  Plus Magnolia is gonna be pissed.  Now that could be fun.

Zoe at the rate you’re going you might be better off dating Meatball.  I’m just pointing out a fact.  First of all girl we all know the only reason you “think” you’re in love with George is because he’s the poster boy for everything a girl should want in a guy.  But that’s the thing with poster’s they aren’t real and they have no substance and eventually you have some creepy-assed picture on your wall that looks like it’s eyes are following you where ever you go.  Shiver.  Bottom line is sometimes what looks good on paper doesn’t work in real tv life.  It’s also probably not a good idea to announce at a high school prom that you have issues and something is wrong with you especially if you want to keep your dating options open.   Teenagers are notorious gossips.  Hence Zoe’s blind date with Max’s dad Michael being a major bust due to all the drama in her life.  Our dear doctor does lover herself some drama.  If she didn’t she never would have hooked up with Wade again just to feel good.  WADE & ZOE HOOK UP!!!!

I’m Moving OnBut our Looney of the Night goes to Tansy.  Oh girl you are just a ball of insecurities.  Yes it wasn’t cool that Zoe verbally vomited her feelings all over your man and yes it is entirely possible that somewhere deep down your man still thought the Doc was pretty, but come on now who of us hasn’t verbally vomited our feelings at inappropriate times to inappropriate people?  My late teens and early 20s are springing to mind.  And she is freaking pretty.  Hell I’d date her and I’m not even in to girls.  Star Charts? Really?  Was there ever any doubt as to where Tansy and George were headed once she busted out the Star Chart?  And then she didn’t even stop the crazy train there.  Nope she went full speed a head to color charts, giving away his shirts, and asking him to move out of Bluebell to escape the Zoe trap.  I liked Tansy, I did so it was sad to see her go to Crazy Town but go she most certainly did.

Stray Observations

We got to see Wanda and a second of Tom, but no Tom & Wanda.  Don’t these writers know that they are my spirit couple?

If I say I’d date Meatball after saying I’d date Dr. Hart does that make me a slut or open-minded?

Thank goodness for IMDb. If it wasn’t for that site I’d spend all night trying to figure out who was playing Zoe’s prom date.   By the way it was Rob Huebel from Childrens Hospital and Burning Love.

Laura Bell Bundy is a goddess.

Rolltide420 looked eerily like Todd Lowe from True Blood.

LetsGetAPhysical is possibly the best screen name ever.

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