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We recently got a chance to talk to Crash the Party; they won our ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark‘ cover war, so be sure to watch that video!

Tell us about your sound:
“Our sound is one part baby-making music, and three parts “MMMBop!” Translation: we make catchy pop/rock music in an interesting way, we hope.”

Earlier this year, you released your debut EP, tell us a little about the making of that; what was the writing process like? What was your favorite part about recording?
“To be honest, the writing process was quite hectic! We wrote and recorded ‘Come Alive’ at the end of a summer spent touring the country. Luckily, we work best under pressure! Chris got to play all the different guitars they have at the studio — he was like a kid in a candy shop! But our favorite part about being in the studio was the fact that soon after we finished, we were able to bring all the songs for our fans to hear and enjoy along with us. We also love hearing how awesome our songs sound when they’re finished being recorded. We’re our own biggest fans!”

What’s your favorite song of yours to perform?
“Our favorite song to perform that we wrote is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. Most people don’t even know we wrote that… (

Any big plans for this summer?
“The biggest plans EVER…as soon as we figure them out. We’re definitely going to do a lot of private parties, which are always a blast. If anyone wants to book us, they can email!”

Biggest inspirations?
“Some bands we really dig right now are Marianas Trench, Paramore, Relient K, The Rocket Summer, and Artist vs. Poet. Other inspirations include white chocolate, Thanksgiving, and fireworks.”

We saw your cover of the new FOB single, how excited were you for them to come off hiatus? What’s your all time favorite song by them?
“We were so stoked when Fall Out Boy announced they were coming back, that Ian came over that very night to record our cover. Our all time favorite Fall Out Boy song would have to be “Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner”. Ian and Chris used to cover that when it first came out! They were in a mediocre high school band called Wasting August.”

Favorite part about performing/being in a band?
“The mad stacks of cash. And naked honeys.”

Craziest talent or strangest trait about each band member:
“Crick has the body of Hercules and once saved a princess from a fire breathing dragon. Ian can get sick weekly, yet still perform without anyone knowing anything’s wrong! Chris is a world-class bass fisherman who holds the record for most bass caught in a 24 hour period: 3 bass.”

Since we’re from Honest Reviews Corner, what’s your “honest review” on the The Summer Set?
“The Summer Set are actually one of our favorite bands. True, they’re not the most original band out there, but their songs are so infectious and carefully written. We love them so much we covered “F*** U Over” because it touched our heart strings so sincerely ;)”

View CTP’s F*** U Over cover here:

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