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Gabe is a solo indie pop music artist. He recently co-founded the Epic Proportions Tour, a tour whose mission statement is: “committed to providing high quality, high energy, and family friendly entertainment to high schools, colleges, and our nation’s military”. Check out our interview with Gabe below. We discuss EPT, Vh1’s ‘Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp’, and Warped Tour. ‘Like’ Gabe on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter. You can also ‘Like’ EPT on Facebook, and follow EPT on Twitter.

How has your EPT Spring Tour been going?

“It’s been so much fun. We’ve had highs and lows though. The bus broke down, the A.C. went out and made us all really hot, another night the heater broke and made us all freeze. We’ve been in snowy conditions, and warm conditions. We’ve played in front of small and big crowds. The whole experience has been crazy, and amazing.”

That sounds like quite the adventure! How did you come up with the Epic Proportions Tour?

“A business partner and I came up with the idea. The EPT Spring Tour obviously helps my career as a solo artist, but it also helps out the other bands we’re bringing on tour (Lost In Atlantis and Halocene). We wanted to present a packaged deal to colleges, high schools and the military. We were able to offer them a full concert experience at a very cheap price (compared to other tours). College’s budgets are so cut for entertainment we wanted to help out, and we play the high school shows for free. We want to help out the education system, and prove how important the arts are. We want to help the arts get their funding back!”

Since you’ve been playing a lot of high schools recently, do you remember what your favorite concert was that you saw while in HS?

“Oh man. I don’t know. I saw U2, and P.O.D as a kid. Those were both great shows. We didn’t have any concerts  come and play at our high school, and that was the same situation for a lot of these kids. So the EPT Spring Tour gets to be the first concert a bunch of these kids see. It makes it really memorable.”

We know this is a super personal question, but what’s the personal connection between you and breast cancer?

“My mom passed away from breast cancer two and a half years ago. I was really involved in trying to research cures and any information I could get. The grieving process was a really difficult time for me. When I started up the EPT Spring Tour I reached out to Keep A Breast. I first noticed them about two years ago. They’re so passionate about cancer, and we’ve been working together. We support each other in whatever endeavor we’re doing. Check them out here.”

On a lighter note. What city are you most excited to play on Warped Tour this summer?

“I’m super excited to play Vegas! I’m also really excited to play in Pomona, because I’ve played Warped Tour there so many times. It will be great to be on a bigger stage than the Ernie Ball Stage!”

Which band playing Warped are you most excited to see?

“I’m a huge Chiodos fan, and I can’t wait to see Sleeping With Sirens. I’ll have to look at the list again, I know there’s a bunch of bands I’m really excited to see actually.”

You were just featured in AP Magazine. How many copies did you end up buying?

“[Laughs]. Actually, when the edition came out, our bus had just broke down, so I didn’t get to buy a copy until today. I finally have my first copy!”

What music are you currently working on?

“I just put out my new single “Bring the Fire Down” on my birthday in March. It goes in a very different direction than my “Let’s See What Happens…” EP. They’re both available on iTunes. I’m currently working on a new EP.  I want to record this EP with a full band. I think it will give it a more rounded sound. I hope to record it at the end of the year. I have a lot of material I’ve been waiting to release on you guys! “

 Can you tell us a bit about your time on ‘Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp’?

“I had just left my band, because of internal stuff, and I got a call from a friend asking me to do a blind audition for a VH1 reality show. I nailed my audition and made it onto ‘Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp’. We shot for about 15 hours each day on a central stage. It lasted about seven days. I got to learn from old school rockstars like Paul Stanley, Sammy Hagar, and Phil Collen. It was a blast. I was able to use that experience to promote my solo career. I’ve only been a solo artist for about a year and a half. It’s still all new to me!”

Speaking of TV, what’s your favorite TV show?

“Right now there are so many! I love ‘True Blood‘, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Community’, ‘Modern Family’, etc!”

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