Interview with Travis Stever of Davenport Cabinet


Davenport Cabinet consists of Tyler Klose – Vocals/Guitar,  Travis Stever – Vocals/Guitar,  Tom Farkas – Bass, and Michael Hickey -Drums. They recently released their second album entitled “Our Machine” in January. We were fortunate to chat with Travis who happens to also be the lead guitarist for Coheed and Cambria. ‘Like’ Davenport Cabinet on Facebook, and follow Travis on Twitter. Check out our interview with Travis below!

What is the whole idea behind your solo project?

“It started a few years ago as a home recording project where I could stretch out and try new instruments therefore sometimes creating riffs and melodies that differed from what I was used to. It also became somewhat of musical therapy for me. A place to release a lot of my emotions into the music and lyrics.”

What made you want to do something apart from Coheed?

“Everyone in Coheed is always making music. It’s what we love to do. When I am home from the road and even sometimes alone in a hotel room the need to create hits me or even an emotion that I want to put to music. And that is what the Cabinet is there for. 

As for the difference in wether a riff can possible be for Coheed or not it is just something I can tell. Sometimes I I show Claudio a riff and it interests him he will go turn into a fantastic song idea as will rest of Coheed. But I have a pretty good idea of the types of riffs he feels are Coheed worthy. When I come up with something I really like and it isn’t Coheed fitting I won’t just toss it I will experiment with it. Most of the time though I am writing for Davenport Cabinet from the get go. Knowing that is where it belongs. And also writing with my cousin Tyler on Our Machine made it a new experience and one completely of the Coheed box because once his creative energy went into a song it became a shares thing so I any just put it any where I want its a decision between the two of us.”

Is the rest of the band supportive? 

 “Absolutely. And like I said they all have their own projects so they understand.”

What is your favorite song off of Our Machine?

“Right now it is the song Drown it All. It hits close to home with some issues that are literally close to home.”

 What is the inspiration behind ‘Our Machine’?

“It’s a journey into the past three years and the things that have surrounded us.  Some things that happened way in the past that still haunt us show up as well. Hurricanes, questions of faith, family distances and closeness, chemical dependencies and on and on. You name it we have seen it.  An example being Black Dirt Burden. That song is about when Hurricane Sandy hit New York. Specifically centering in on the area where I live and how it affected farmers and businesses.”

 What song do you think will be most powerful to fans?

“I think the song Simple Worlds will speak to a lot of people. We are very proud of that one.”

What do you believe is the biggest misconception about your solo project?

” That its just a kick around thing. People may say ahhh its just a Coheed side thing and the production is shitty because its just something for fun. On Our Machine we really centered in on making the songs fit well together and sound as good as possible. Being that it was recorded in my home studio there were limitations but we went at it with all we could. And the newest stuff we have been working on is really exciting as well. It just keeps getting better.”

 What is the scariest thing that has happend to you since joining a band?

 “My dog got attacked by another the other day and I was so worried about her. That kind of stuff scares the shit out of me. I can’t stand the thought of being out on tour and something happening to a loved one.”

 Most memorable moment?

 “I feel like everyday we are making new ones but in a couple of weeks Coheed will headline Radio City in NY that’s gonna be a memory I will hold I think.”

 Any last things to say to fans?

“Thanks for giving a shit and reading this. I will see you soon.”

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