AWKWARD. Episode 3.04 “Let's Talk About Sex” Recap – First times and dinnertime.


So, for all the Asian Mafia talk last episode, they sure were notably absent this week. I guess Ming and Fred were off having sex or something, because after watching this episode… well, that’s really the only conclusion we can come to at this point. That said, Sadie was definitely not having sex, in spite of the episode’s title, because she was too busy dealing with the backlash of the entire school The Hamiltons in Awkward. 3.04 Let's Talk About Sexfinally discovering her new broke status. Still, her storyline was overshadowed by all the AWKWARD.-style sex talk going on.


When Jenna accidentally leaves her birth control pills in the guest bathroom, her father finds them… and quickly realizes that his baby girl is having sex. Mr. Hamilton calls Matty’s parents to share the news with them, to Jenna‘s obvious mortification, but he has to leave a message when they don’t answer the phone. So… crisis temporarily averted.

Mr. Hart in Awkward. 3.04 Let's Talk About SexAt school, Jenna‘s creative writing class receives grades for their first assignment – but, being the heartless Mr. Hart, it really just turns into a berating. Mr. Hart tells all the students that they’re terrible writers – with the exception of Collin, as Mr. Hart is impressed with his story about his mother’s older friend seducing him when he was young.

Viewers are clearly supposed to be expecting something to happen between Jenna and Collin, because Jenna later is unable to take her focus off the new kid, even when she’s with Matty. However, she soon forgets all about Collin… because the McKibbens pay the Hamiltons a visit later that night, at which point they make Matty apologize for swiping Jenna‘s v-card.

The McKibbens in Awkward. 3.04 Let's Talk About SexAs if that moment isn’t awkward enough, Mrs. Hamilton invites the McKibbens to stay for dinner. During this dinner, Matty and Jenna have to sit through their parents’ discussion about their childrens’ sex life. The dinner goes very well, all things considered, but an argument breaks out just as the McKibbens are about to leave.

Matty’s mom slams the Hamiltons, calling them bad parents because they supplied condoms and birth control pills to the kids. Basically, it doesn’t go well. Apparently, things didn’t get better once the McKibben’s got home because it isn’t long before Matty shows up on the Hamilton’s doorstep, asking them if he can crash at their place for a few days.


Jake and Tamara in Awkward. 3.04 Let's Talk About SexIn other sex news, Tamara tells Jenna that she’s been waiting to have sex with Jake until he tells her that he loves her. However, when Tamara is put on the cheerleading team – thanks to Lissa getting an injury that makes her unable to finish out the season – Tamara decides that she wants to celebrate by having sex with Jake immediately.

She calls Jake to inform him of her decision, at which point he hurries on over to her house. I’m not really sure what her parents were doing during all this, but he leads her out to the mini-van-of-love that he set up [in her driveway!] for their first time together. However, as soon as Tamara sees it, she gets upset and takes off.

Tamara and Jake in Awkward. 3.04 Let's Talk About SexJake goes after her to find out what’s wrong, at which point Tamara tells him that she knows his mini-van thing was the exact same set-up he’d put together for his and Jenna’s first time – though, obviously, that plan fell through. Tamara was feeling like she was second-best, but the two talk it out and Jake manages to make her feel better.

Of course, all that talking led to them having sex anyway. Afterwards, Jake and Tamara talk about how awkward the whole situation was, but agree that they’d like to try again – and Jake finally says the three words Tamara has been waiting to hear. Naturally, his confession of his love for her makes a nice segue into their second round.


Episode 3.05 “Indecent Exposure” Synposis: After a fight with his family, Matty moves in with the Hamiltons.

This all-new AWKWARD. episode will air on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 10/9pm on MTV.

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