New Girl – "Winston's Birthday" 2.24


Before we get into this review, you should know off the bat that I’m in love with Nick Miller. There’s something I find attractive about awkward people who don’t quite fit, but still own it, and jeez does Nick Miller own it. He’s in my Top 10 Fictional Crushes, and that’s a hard list to make.

Now let’s get on to it! In my last review I thought Nick and Jess still hadn’t done it, but THEY DID! Nick’s scene was incredibly perfect, first checking her pulse, and then making what could maybe pass as breakfast (if you squinted real hard), and he and Jess seem to fit together, laughing quietly. It just…ugg it makes a shipper want to keyboard smash. (SKL:fjdaskljfd)224-003-new-girl-winstons-birthday_509

Nick’s on his way back to give Jess her breakfast when her dad appears. By way of a guilt trip and a job interview for Jess, he end’s up spending the day with Mr. Day. It’s clear that Mr. Day is just an older grumpier Nick Miller. They bond by making sandwiches and drinking beer and talking about girls (not Jess). They talk about Yolanda Winston who is tall, fat, has beady eyes, does not have bangs, and is DEFIANTLY not quirky. When Mr. Day tells Nick that any girl would be lucky to have him you can actually see Nick’s face light up. And that’s where it all goes wrong. Jess has to come back to her subbing job (we’ll get there later) and referee.

We see some of Nick’s insecurities in this episode, something I love to see with any character. He wants approval so much, he wants to be so good, but he thinks he can’t. In this episode Nick does something he’s never done before. He keeps trying regardless of how sure he is he’s going to fail. And that my friends is character growth.

Speaking of character growth it’s time to talk about Schmidt. Now when CeCe and Schmidt ended it I was heartbroken, but I had hope. When CeCe got engaged I was FURIOUS, but still hopeful. Right now? I’m not so sure I care. Schmidt and Elizabeth are kinda together, testing the waters, and I love it. There’s something about Schmidt when he’s with her, something that makes him be himself and not this mask of a pretentious douchey Schmidt. And indeed he’s not good at it yet. He’s a jerk to her when she visits him at his office, but he repents and wears this stupid sweatshirt because he’s a sentimental poophead who kept it all these years.


When Schmidt’s with Elizabeth we get to see this different, likable side of him, and dang it, I want this to last. I love this depth. I. Love. It.

CeCe’s wedding is the next day, and her story line isn’t really important except that it’s another problem Jess has to juggle.

Now Jess’s is running around the whole episode trying to fix everyone else’s problems AND her own, which I feel is important. Jess as a character is always helping someone else, whether it be CeCe or Schmidt or Nick, but I think she’s finally realized she isn’t happy with her life. She doesn’t like teaching night school, and she doesn’t like not being with Nick. And dang it, she’s going to change it.

Jess has my favorite line of this episode, one I kind of feel sums this show up.

” Life’s messy. It kicks you in the ass. That’s right, I said ass. But it does kick you in the ass. And umm, the messy parts…are the best parts. “


The writer’s have done something very clever here, making obstacles so Nick and Jess can’t talk about what happened. It extends their sexual tension, but still gives fans what they want. I personally am so so ready for that talk. My favorite moments of this show are when the shell breaks away and we really get to see these characters. I’m so excited for it.

The show ends with all the roommates and Elizabeth on the roof. They finally acknowledge that its Winston’s birthday, and they celebrate. Something made my heartbreak in that scene. It was about the look on Nick’s face as Jess looked away. I’m scared he believes her dad. I’m scared he really thinks he’s not good enough for her.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for next weeks episode! Eeee!! Taylor Swift is a guest star, and it’s time to see how it all wraps it up!!

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