Pretty Little Liars – Turn of the Shoe – Recap

Pretty Little Liars - Turn of the Shoe
I think I enjoyed this episode of Pretty Little Liars more than I did the season premiere. It felt like the show was back to doing the things we all know and love. Mystery, suspense, flashbacks, and A making more than a few appearances.

Check out our recap of tonight’s new episode of Pretty Little Liars: “Turn of the Shoe.”

Mona is still busy trying to prove herself to the girls. I don’t know why people forget just what exactly Mona did to them. Like, I’m pretty sure she tried to kill all of them several times. Didn’t she run Hanna over with a car and break her leg? In my opinion, the girls are being way too forgiving. But this is a show and that’s not what we want to see.

Mona agrees to take the girls to the lair to gain their trust, only to discover that the RV has been stolen. The girls all believe Mona is full of crap and walk away. Mona walks to her car while Aria and Emily lag behind. At this point, I just can’t understand why they aren’t checking their back seats. Mona is a little surprised when someone in an Alison mask wraps their hands around her throat from the backseat. She manages to escape, rolls outside, and the attacker gets into the front seat.

The person turns the car around and tries to run over all three girls. Emily shoves the others out of the way and falls on a rock and hurts her shoulder. Shay’s acting face is the best. Emily spends the remainder of the episode taking giant painkillers. She takes one too many when Shana gets under her skin before her big swim meet. Swimming while under the influence is a horrible idea. Emily crashes into a wall and cracks her head open.

Shana isn’t making any friends around Rosewood. Hanna decides to confront her about her chummy relationship with Wilden. I’m having a hard time focusing on the conversation because I’m distracted by the possibility that Hanna is wearing shoulder pads. I’m all for the 80s and 90s making a comeback but that is one thing that should stay in the past.

In minor plot point news, Spencer is rejected from the University of Pennsylvania and is devastates. She’ll be the only Hastings not to attend. Does anyone else just refuse to believe Spencer Hastings would not be able to go to whichever school she wanted to? Ezra agrees to help her with her essay but Spencer is a stubborn being.

Toby reveals he was the one who took the RV and A rewarded him with the doctor’s transcript from the night his mother killed herself. She was in good spirits so he believes the hospital is covering something up.

Aria decides to take a self defense class and all I can say is it’s about time. Then she kisses her hot instructor and I remember why I never care about her storylines.

Hanna is disturbed that her mother appears to be hiding something from her. When Hanna hears that the police are looking for high heel foot prints, she fears the worst after finding a pair of muddy heels under the sink.

The residents of Rosewood are just so talented at lying. Hanna learns from Mrs. Dilaurentis that all she ever saw of the boy was the yellow blouse. In a flashback, Alison demands a sleepover in Cape May with her girlfriends and holds her breath until she gets her way. Alison wasn’t only a bitch, she was a bit nutty and manipulative. But what else is new. The question is, since the girls weren’t at that sleepover, who was?

She gives Hanna Alison’s old African Grey parrot that seems to be repeating phrases it heard from Alison. The most telling is a phone number. The girls get no answer when they dial and get no additional information when A steals the bird away from them.

What else does the bird know? Did Hanna’s mom kill Wilden? Did Shana?

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