'Rookie Blue' Episode 4.02 "Homecoming"


Six months may not seem like a long time when in reality life as we know it it can change dramatically in less time then it takes to make a wish on an eyelash.  Hence the saying you can’t go home again.  No matter how much we want to believe the people and places we love will remain the same, it is an expectation that can not be met.  This is the lesson the officers from 15th Division learned in the second episode of the new season.

Ever since Chris discovered he is a father he has been determined to do the honorable thing by both his son and the mother of his son.  This includes leaving the job he loves and the people that have become his family so that his son can be raised in the town Chris grew up in.  Except a part of Chris knows that Timmins is no longer home for him.  Sometimes doing the honorable thing is not always the right thing to do as I am sure Chris will soon learn.

80236135c4b53d91b5b055ba7c5f847fLast season Dov’s world was quite literally rocked, so it’s no wonder this season started off with him trying to gain control over his life in the form of celibacy and by trying to convince Chris not to move.  Except as is the case with a majority of life’s events there is no such thing as control.  Mistakes are made.  People die.  Friends leave.  Sex with a beautiful girl in a bathroom stall is a very real possibility.

Nash is learning that sometimes going home is too painful.  The memories of better times too fresh to be viewed with anything more than bittersweet happiness.  The ghosts have not yet settled to allow for her to move on so she keeps to the familiar.  Finding comfort and solace in the day to day task that comes with being a detective.

Nick returned after spending 6 months undercover and is met with the knowledge that without him realizing it his relationship with Gail was changed the moment he took the undercover assignment.  But not only that, Nick himself has changed.  Whether those changes will lead him closer to Gail or further away remains to be seen.

It was quite obvious in the last episode that all was not well in Oliver’s world.  That perhaps all his hopes last season to be reunited with his wife and children had been dashed with a harsh dose of reality once he finally got what he wanted.  And sure enough by the end of the episode he was confessing to McNally that he wasn’t happy and sometimes we aren’t mean to go home again.  Now even though he is determined to make it work for the sake of his children the light that once surrounded Oliver has dimmed.

BEN BASS, MISSY PEREGRYM, RACHAEL ANCHERILMcNally and Sam.  Two people who quite obviously love each other, except they don’t belong together.  At least not now they don’t.  They are each others fixed points, which means no matter how far they may stray they will always navigate their way back to each other.  But, first they both have a lot of growing up to do, both mentally and emotionally.

Sometimes we can go our entire lives drifting along with nothing to support us or keeps us steady.  Sometimes we don’t find love, it finds us.  Such is the case with Frank and Noelle.  Two people who, while not contentedly, were just drifting through life until one fateful day caused Frank to look at Noelle through fresh eyes.  This in turn caused Frank to soften whenever Noelle was around.  Noelle in turn began to look at her world and the people in her life differently when she became pregnant with her daughter leading her towards Frank and hence her home.

Stray Observations:

Frank’s proposal to Noelle was awesomely twisted.

No one, especially a cop passes up a doughnut.

Sometimes this feels like the McNally show.

Why rob a bank when you know all the money is going to end up covered in ink?

McNally fell for the oldest trick in the book.  A banana in the tail pipe or was it a fake baby as a hostage? Hmmm.

“They always seem bigger when they have a gun in their hand” – Insert blue joke here.

Who else heard Jeff Daniel’s voice from the movie Speed saying to “Shoot the hostage”?  Just me then.  Ok.

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