'Teen Wolf' S3 Ep 2 "Chaos Rising" – What the Fans are Saying


I confess the first time I saw MTV’s Teen Wolf I didn’t like it. In fact I thought it sucked. I just knew that there was no way the show was going to last longer than a few episodes. Well I am here 3 years later to admit that I was wrong and this admission is all thanks to a friend of mine who wouldn’t stop talking about Sterek. Yes, I said Sterek. Sterek, for those of you who don’t already know, is a fan coupling invented by the fans that consists of Stiles and Derek. Now as you probably know this is a couple that doesn’t exist inside the show’s limits which is what made me curious to begin with. What were all these fans seeing that I had been unable to with that first viewing? Needless to say once my curiosity was piqued I had to watch and now here we are with me admitting I was wrong. In fact I was so wrong that I decided to include the latest episode, Chaos Rising, in this weeks What the Fans are Saying feature.





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