'The Walking Dead' – Great Moments from Season 2.0


Welcome back Walking Dead fans.  I don’t know about the rest of you but it is starting to feel like Season 4 is never going to get here.  Sure, ok, I might just be a tad impatient, but can you blame me?  I didn’t think so.  Instead of doing one long post that included every episode from Season 2 I decided to break it up just like they did on television.  I figure if they can cut the seasons in half why can’t I.  So here it goes my picks for the best moments of The Walking Dead Season 2 episodes 1-7.  I hope you enjoy them.

What Lies Ahead – The season premiere episode had more than a couple of moments that could have been labeled as ‘Great’ and I came close to naming them a couple of times.  However, in the end I had to choose the moment right before Carl gets shot.  I chose this moment because all I could remember thinking the first time I saw it was “What in the hell are these morons doing?”  There they were letting Carl go off to look at a deer when a freaking walker could have come up at any moment.  It’s the freaking zombie apocalypse people, you don’t stand around looking at Bambi.

THEWALKINGDEADYR2-TWD202-ESP_SUBT_VSTILLBloodletting – Andrea likes to bitch, a lot.  So when Andrea was attacked by a walker all because she was so busy griping and complaining about how she was being treated like a second class citizen I busted out laughing.  I did. Hand to god.  All I could think was “shows the bitch right”.  No, it wasn’t very politically correct of me and maybe I should be all about womankind and all that jazz, but it was really freaking funny.  Not a minute before she was griping how Lori got to have a gun and she didn’t and it was so unfair and then…..BAM! Walker attack!

Save the Last One – From the very first moment of the third episode we, the viewer, are aware that something about Shane has changed. We’re not sure what we just know that he has.  Shane was always the guy that you knew would go to any length to protect the people he loved.  He wasn’t a bad guy, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t commit bad acts if it meant the people he loved were going to be okay.  So even without knowing what happened that would make him commit an act of rebirth such as shaving his head we knew it was big.  Big enough to alter how a person view’s himself and the world around him.

Cherokee Rose – The first time I saw this episode the one scene that always stood out to me was when Daryl was telling Carol the story of the Cherokee Rose and how they came from the tears of the Cherokee mother’s who had lost their children.  It seems logical that this would be, in my opinion, the best moment from the 4th episode.  Except when I watched the episode a second time I realized that the MVP was Glenn.  Between lassoing the well walker (try saying that 3 times fast), awkwardly attempting to flirt with Maggie, and actually managing to hook up with Maggie in the pharmacy the entire episode was one long great Glenn moment.

daryl-and-merleChupacabra – If Cherokee Rose belonged to Glenn than Chupacabra belonged to Daryl.  Up until this point in the series we didn’t really know all that much about Daryl other than he had a racist brother who also happened to be a touch on the misogynistic side.  Daryl, however, was none of these things.  In fact despite his gruff introduction he was a character who was soft-spoken with a kind heart so when he went off on his own in the hopes of locating Sophia it seemed completely natural.  His mission became clearer when he began to hallucinate that he was having a conversation with Merle and we learned that Daryl had spent most of his life being verbally abused by his older brother.  It was yet another piece to an extremely complicate puzzle.

Secrets – Rick and Lori have never been characters I had any particular use for.  As far I was concerned they could stub their toe, develop an embolism, and drop dead for as much as I cared about them.  I never understood why Rick was always running around trying to play group savior and Lori, well Lori, was someone who I thought never had the balls to admit that she didn’t really want to be with Rick.  Instead she desperately held on to a marriage that existed mainly in her head.  It didn’t even exist in the past because when Rick was shot their marriage was on the rocks.  And then came the news that there was going to be a baby.  A baby that could have easily been Shane’s.  A baby that at one time would have brought perspective parents untold amounts of joy.  A baby that for Lori symbolized everything that could go wrong.  A baby that led to the most honest discussion Rick and Lori had ever had about their relationship.  In the midst of everything there are somethings that translate even in a zombie apocalypse.

Pretty Much Dead Already – The moment Sophia stepped out of the barn the show changed.  It didn’t matter how many main or supporting characters were killed off children were off-limits.  Well someone forgot to tell the writers because they ripped that misconception to shreds.   Forcing Rick to come to terms with all their attempts to locate her had been in vain.  Once again he had to let go, and we the audience did as well, the rules of the old way of his old way of life.  He had to embrace that maybe, just maybe Shane had a point.



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