'Under the Dome' Episode 1.04 "Outbreak"


The monkey did it and he took out McDreamy too. Sorry, that’s from a movie and another TV show come to think about it, so never mind. A rapidly spreading case of Meningitis broke out in the town of Chester’s Mill this past Monday night. Which was damn inconvenient considering a town of at least a few thousand had only 3 doctors; 2 of which were outside the dome and 1 of whom was currently residing 6 feet under. Of course the only person who knows of Dr. Peter Shumway’s whereabouts is Barbie and he’s not talking; except of course to Phil and that was only to discern what information Phil had confessed to Julia.

As it turns out last week when Barbie foolishly left a map in semi-plain sight, and by this I mean in his backpack where she invaded his privacy, led to Peter’s car that had been sold to Phil for some quick cash. Poor Julia, it must suck finding out that your perfect husband wasn’t so perfect after all. Especially considering they guy tried to find out how to hire a hit man. Now what I wonder is if he wanted to hire a hitman would it have been to try to get rid of the guy he owed money to or for his wife for the insurance money? If that turns out to be the case Barbie did her the biggest freaking favor ever. She should buy Barbie a “Thank you for killing my husband before he was able to have me killed” cake. I hope they don’t charge by the letter.

Under-the-Dome-Season-1-Episode-4-Outbreak-I bet Junior would make a pretty good hitman or at least a sociopathic murderer, but he’d get the job done. I am chalking up Sheriff’s Esquivel insane decision to make Junior a deputy on the fact that she had only escaped death and was still feverish. It is the only explanation anyone would voluntarily give that guy a badge and a loaded weapon. Yes, I know that his father gave him a gun, but Big Jim isn’t playing with a full deck either. Sure he isn’t as bad as say the coked up Reverend, but you just know that poor, water-logged Angie isn’t about to be rescued even though Big Jim found her. That girl can not catch a break. It almost makes me want to go read the book just so I can find out what might happen to her if the writers don’t decide to go in a different direction.

For instance I wouldn’t mind at all if they decide to dump this seizure-shushing storyline they have going now. First of all seizures are no laughing matter, but it is really hard to take the seizure kids seriously when they look ridiculous. Second of all the seizure kids freak me out, so let’s just drop that storyline or maybe have them break out in to a Broadway song instead. Bob Fossi anyone?

Good thing Norrie’s mom is a psychiatrist and as soon as she is done being the de facto town doctor she might just be able to find out why everytime her daughter touches Joe they both fall out. Of course that is contingent on whether she’s had her diabetes medication. I have a feeling she is going to be wishing she had let her wife steal the medication for her when she was able to.

Stray Observations

Raise your hand if you were at all surprised that the Reverend has turned out to be the craziest one of them all?

Angie has the worst timing of anyone I have ever seen.

Every time I see Leon Rippy, who played Earl on Saving Grace, I half expect to see angel wings behind him.


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