Review: Buffalo Summer ‘Buffalo Summer’

South Wales Rockers Buffalo Summer bring their Classic Rock sound to modern times with the release of their latest self-titled effort. Known for their groovy arrangements and sing-along ballads, these revivalists continue to bring their vintage style to the masses in a way that is as nostalgic as it is contemporary.

The album opener ‘She’s All Natural’ feels like an instant step through time – with its Zeppelin-esque riffs, Bluesy undertones, and groove-infused rhythms – this is as vintage as it gets. With its high-energy, upbeat melodies and intricate, mildly distorted leads, this is an ideal introduction sure to get the adrenaline flowing.

‘Down To The River’ has a distinct Skynyrd feel (its opening acoustic riff packs more Southern Rock Soul than most Southern Rock). This is the kind of groovy jam that is perfectly suited for a backyard crawfish boil. Its got enough grit and grime to stay true to the essence of Southern Rock, while maintaining a level of precision and polish that makes it mainstream accessible. ‘Down To The River’ is a definite standout.

Buffalo Summer delivers a solid, well-oiled self-titled effort that is bound to gain much traction. It’s gritty and groovy in all the right places, brought home by Andrew Hunt’s infectious vocal, Johnny Willliams’ enigmatic leads, and the drum and bass pair of Darren King and Gareth Hunt who (with their precise timing and focus) fill out the wailing wall of sound that is Buffalo Summer. This is a feel-good record that pays homage to the Classic Rock genre, though, what sets Buffalo Summer apart is their ability to make it their own and catapult it into the forefront of mainstream Rock n Roll.

There are Zeppelin and Skynyrd tribute bands in every pocket around the globe that re-hash and regurgitate material, and while Buffalo Summer certainly build upon those foundations, they are not imitators by any stretch of the imagination. Buffalo Summer manages to capture the Classic Rock feel and bring it to the modern era with material that is familiar enough to be remembered, but original enough to stand on its own, and that is something few tribute bands can say (if any).

Ultimately, this may not be your Uncle’s Zeppelin or Skynyrd, but it’s pretty damn close. With their self-titled release, Buffalo Summer provide the listening public with a record that both Classic Rock enthusiasts and modern listeners can appreciate. They have transcended both genre and time to create a record that is timeless. So, whether you’re wearing platform shoes and a handle-bar mustache or a T-shirt and jeans, Buffalo Summer prove yet again why they should be a mainstay in every music library.




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