‘Rookie Blue’ Season 4 Finale "You Can See the Stars"

How is it possible that they’ve aired all 13 episodes from Season 4? Didn’t this season just start a few weeks ago? The only thing I am sure of after the season finale is that none of what I was feeling at the beginning of the season is what I’m feeling at the end of the season.

I started off firmly on Team Dov & Gail and now I find myself heartbroken over the fact that Chloe’s so called “husband” won’t let Dov in to see her as she lies in the hospital bed. I would like to believe I understand what a terrible predicament Dov and Wesley are in right now. Both guys obviously love her and want what is best for her. Both of them only want her to pull through and unfortunately one of them is going to end up hurt. I hope its Wesley.
The first time Celery was introduced I just knew she was going to end up doing my Ollie wrong and now here I am getting teary-eyed over her breaking down in the break room when she realizes that something might be wrong with Oliver. With past events she could have decided being with Oliver was too much, but she didn’t. This is a woman who is in it for the long haul. This is a woman who loves Ollie.

Am I the only one who felt that it was pretty clear early on that kidnapping Oliver was simply a set up for something bigger? Okay, granted the promos from last week already established that fact quite clearly, but say you hadn’t seen the promo then everything Kevin Ford was doing screamed “Fake Out!” By the way whether it was due to Michael Cram’s acting or the writing or a combination of the two I found myself feeling bad for Kevin Ford. Even before the truth came out I had a feeling he was telling the truth.

I am not going to lie, in the beginning I was not a big fan of Marlo’s and no, it did not have anything to do with Andy or Sam. Actually I’m not all that sure why I didn’t like her, I just didn’t. But ever since that scene with her and her therapist I have slowly come to be a fan of hers and I don’t want this to be a one-off season for her. Regardless of what happens with Andy & Sam I’d like to see Marlo back at 15 Division in Season 5. I get that she majorly screwed up and she inadvertently got Chloe and Sam shot through her actions. But on the other hand if she hadn’t done what she did they never would have caught the real killer.
I’ve been hard on Gail this season. No, I have and it was wrong of me. Yes, Gail was a bully to Chloe and yes, she was mean to pretty much everyone that she came in to contact with. Except possibly with the exception of Chris and Dov. But I had somehow forgotten that last season she had nearly lost her life when a mad man kidnapped her. I had forgotten that one doesn’t just bounce back from a trauma like the one she suffered. So yeah, she was a bitch, there is no denying that fact, but that doesn’t mean I should stop cheering for her and wanting to see her happy.  And it looks like the person that is making her happy right now is Holly. I’m not sure we can call her introducing Holly to Steve and Chris as her official coming out, but it looks as though she is headed in that direction.

About the only thing I have remained firm on this season is that I heart Steve Peck and I heart him with Traci. As much as I loved Jerry, I feel as though Steve is a better fit with Traci. That he, to steal a phrase from Andy, knows her. I have no idea if we will see more or less of Steve next season, but I hope it’s more and I hope we see Traci get more storylines. It would also be nice if they confirmed whether or not she made detective or if she is still in that training program. Unless they already did and I just wasn’t paying attention. Which is entirely possible.

And now we have come to Nick, Andy, and Sam. I left them for last because I am the most torn over them. When we first started Season 4 all I wanted was for Andy & Sam to work things out because they were just so perfect together and now I don’t know how I think or feel about any of them. As I watched the season finale I tried to remember why Sam ended things with Andy to begin with and I could not for the life of me remember why.  It couldn’t have been over anything big or else I would have remembered that. Was it possible Sam did it because he was afraid of what they had or was I reading too much in to his emotions?

And even though I knew he cared about Marlo I knew he didn’t love her at least not in the way he loved Andy.  Except I knew that was the case with Andy & Nick and yet I had come to love the two of them together. In a way Nick is more right for Andy than Sam ever could be, but that doesn’t mean they should be together. Of course the same can be said for Andy & Sam. Just because their love is undeniable it doesn’t mean they should be together. Frankly the finale did absolutely nothing to sway me in either direction. The only thing it did do was strengthen my desire to see Nick come out of this happy. Whether it be with Andy, someone else, or by himself I just want to see him happy.

Well that’s all Rookie Blue fans. Another season has come to an end. It was great watching this show with all of you and I will see you all again for Season 5.

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