‘Shameless’ Character of the Week: Fiona Gallagher

What do you do when for the first time all is seemingly right in the world? Or at least on their way to being right? Do you take small, cautious steps wary that every move you make could cause it all to come crashing down? Or do you pull the pin out of the grenade and blow it all up? If you’re Fiona Gallagher you kamikaze your life and worry about the fallout later.
And that is exactly what she does in “Like Father, Like Daughter”. Of course, if you are going to blow up your life I can’t think of a better way to do it than by sleeping with your boyfriend’s brother. However, I can’t help but wonder if she really is blowing her life up. By this I mean, who are we to say that working at World O’Cups and dating Mike are her keys to long standing happiness. Maybe, just maybe she is one of those people who aren’t meant to find happiness the easy way or rather the expected way.

But really, who am I kidding? We all know that destroying her life was exactly what Fiona was doing even if she didn’t do it consciously. Now her first dalliance with Robbie might have been a purely spontaneous act, but going by that knowing smile Fi broke into on the train home their next encounter is going to be more of the planned variety. You had better watch out Fiona, I have feeling you’ve never dealt with a guy like Robbie before.
Oh hell on second thought she’d be better off watching out for the in-a-hurry-to-grow-up Debbie Gallagher. Poor Fi, she has no idea what trouble is coming her way with Debbie. In Fiona’s defense, she doesn’t really know how to relate to a young girl who is going through puberty. Ironic considering at one time she was a young girl going through puberty. Except unlike Debbie, who is worried about when she is going to get her period or if she is ready for sex (thankfully she has decided she is not ready), Fiona had to worry about the lives of her younger siblings.

Say what you will about Fiona’s lack of constant attention towards her younger siblings if it wasn’t for Fi those kids would be far worse off.  It is becoming more apparent that the Gallagher household works much better when they are all pulling together.


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