‘Shameless’ Cocaine & Two Appletini’s

“There’s the Rub” ended almost 24 hours ago and I still haven’t processed everything that happened. I should have expected this episode. I have been a loyal viewer since season 1 and I should have known this was going to happen. All the signs were there. Around this time every season, Shameless kicks it up to the next notch. The first four episodes lay the groundwork, the fifth episode drops the bomb, and every episode thereafter consists of all hell breaking loose.
You see I knew this. I knew it and yet somehow I still wasn’t prepared. It’s my own fault. I got cocky. I thought because I had the show all figured out – stupid, stupid, stupid – that meant I couldn’t be surprised or shocked. Boy was I wrong and thank goodness for that. For anyone in the military who is thinking of ways to vacate their station I wouldn’t recommend stealing a helicopter. I wouldn’t even recommend turning on the rotors. Take it from Ian, he knows. Wait. Wait. Did I forget to mention that Ian is back?

I did? Well Shameless fans our favorite redheaded Gallagher is back and shinier than ever. Never has a sparkly top and eyeliner looked as sexy. Trust me, it does. Unfortunately, that was the only thing amusing about Ian’s return. As it turns out shortly after Ian joined the Army something happened to cause him to go AWOL, crash with Ned, hook-up with Monica, and become a squatter in an abandoned house. Whatever it was this is only the beginning on Ian’s story.
And like his brother, Liam is struggling to hold onto life. A split second and a careless decision lead to perhaps the most devastating moment of the series when V discovered an unconscious Liam on the kitchen floor. Out of all the mistakes Fiona has ever made this will be the one she and the rest of her siblings will find to be unforgivable. I have a feeling that one mistake, as big and terrible as it was, is only the beginning of a long, arduous journey for Fiona. But is she headed for salvation or damnation?

Shameless Character of the Week: Ian Gallagher

Most Shameless Moment: Ran away from home, joined the Army, went AWOL, didn’t contact his family to let them know he was okay, and that outfit.

Least Shameless Moment: He didn’t have one.

Shameless Thoughts:

I don’t know why, but I think the only reason Sammi is playing “little miss nice daughter” is because she is trying to scam money out of Frank.

Even though I knew Frank was going to break Carl’s heart I wasn’t expecting it to hurt that much and then to see the look on his face when he realized Fiona was being taken away, pure heartbreak.

I find it so sad that the only thing Debbie took away from her conversation with Matty is the reason he didn’t want to sleep with her was because she was a virgin.

There are only three women in Lip’s world that he truly loves and one of them was taken to jail for creating a situation in which Liam could accidentally ingests cocaine.

Mickey, Kev, & V are either going to make the best business partners or the worst, not sure which yet.

Speaking of Mickey, he now knows that Lip knows about him & Ian, but what is even more remarkable is that even after knowing this he still wanted to know if Ian was in trouble. He may not be ready to admit his feelings for Ian, but he is getting closer.

Memo to Kenyatta: Just because you live with prostitutes doesn’t mean you have to lie down with them, especially if you’re dating Mandy Milkovich.

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