Album Review: My Silent Bravery ‘Diamond From Coal’

My Silent Bravery — the brain wave of Singer/Songwriter Matthew Wade — brings a feel-good element to the party on Diamond From Coal  that has indeed been making waves since its recent release. Working in tandem, a high Pop I.Q. merges with mainstream accessibility to create what can best be described as an infectious listening experience brought forth by one Mr. Wade…and there’s nothing silent about it.

‘Amazing’ opens in loud fashion, with melodies and arrangements that recall the likes of mid-90’s-era Third Eye Blind. With giddy grooves at its core, this is the kind of party anthem that should have no trouble finding its way onto likeminded playlists.

‘P.O.V.’ playfully incorporates elements of synth to craft yet another staple groove. Lyrically, it’s amateur at best — if you’re looking for depth-driven, life-affirming lyrics, you won’t find them here — however, if you’re looking to kick back and leave the soul searching at the door, this track is ideal for coaxing the positive vibes.

The rest of the album continues in similar fashion, with a sonic profile that’s bound to boost serotonin levels and lift mood, that said, though Matthew Wade has managed to forge diamond from coal, ultimately, it isn’t one size fits all.

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