Episode 6 Sheds New Light on Dark Matter


Last night’s episode of Dark Matter was the most illuminating yet.

Centering on the character of Five, played by Jodelle Ferland, episode 6 gave new insight into many of the enigmatic characters of the crew of the Raza. Now that the word is out that Five carries the crew’s memories inside her, Five makes a bold decision to use some of Raza’s technology to enter a dream state and try to access some of these memories. Through this dream state she relives the memories of different crew members, but the dream is not without consequences, both to the crew members whose lives she experiences and to Five’s own physical body. Ferland really gets a chance to shine in this episode, playing multiple characters throughout as Five lives through the pasts of the crew members she accesses.

Episode 6 plays into the backstory of over half of Raza’s diverse crew and answers many of the questions that have been burning in the minds of Dark Matter viewers, but, like any episode of the show, it also leaves many new questions to simmer and stew until next week.

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