Face Off Episode 901: Recap

Face Off is back with a vengeance, ladies and gentlemen, and Season 9 started with a bang as McKenzie Westmore and Neville Page give the eager new contestants an enormous challenge: Create a creature utilizing two models in one character, basing the creatures off of materials found in a museum.

For this episode, the contestants worked in teams of two. Most teams divided the work roughly equally, each working on sculpting, molding, and painting together, while others, like challenge winner Ben and his teammate Jordan, each took to their strengths and worked on separate parts of the design (Ben did the face and head sculpt while Jordan fabricated the rest of the body suit for the models.)

With such a huge challenge, it was inevitable that one of the contestants was going to have to leave the show after the first episode. However, the judges gave all of the contestants in the bottom looks a reprieve this week, with judge Glenn Hetrick stating that the challenge was geared toward seeing how much the contestants could do and not intended to eliminate anyone. Show ended with the relieved contestants giving each other a group hug as they shook off the adrenaline of the reveal stage before preparing for next week’s challenge.

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