Foreign Tongues’ “Fragile, As Said Before” Is Rock-Solid


With hypnotic vocals and haunting melodies, Fragile, As Said Before by Foreign Tongues takes you to a far-away place of musings and melancholy.

Songs like Hurt You and Placebo take you to another place and time, a world of wistful regret and sadness that forces you to face your feelings.

This is the perfect album for rainy days and cups of hot cocoa, for staring out the window and remembering days gone by, for curling up close with a loved one and being grateful for all the tough times you’ve made it through together.

There’s an ethereal beauty to it all that somehow manages to make the sadness uplifting and hopeful.

Prepare yourself for the feels, and get ready to be addicted to this masterpiece.


Fragile, As Said Before releases July 24, 2015 via No Sleep Records. 

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