Teen Wolf Recap: "A Novel Approach"

You know that feeling that you have when you binge watch a show and it seems like weeks have passed by, but in reality you’ve just been laying in bed for a couple of hours? Well this season of Teen Wolf has changed this feeling. The past couple episodes have taken place over the course of one day. So when one episode ends on a cliffhanger, next week’s episode starts from that same place, instead of jumping ahead a couple of days or weeks like episodes usually do.

I think this is great because now Teen Wolf can stretch out senior year, especially since we are five episodes in and still at the beginning of the semester. Since there will now be a season 6, I’m wondering if this will mean that the pack will stay in high school through the season.

I think it’s amazing and I wish this show would go on forever, but here’s what happened in last Monday’s episode, “A Novel Approach.”

Last week’s episode left off with Stiles in the parking lot of Beacon Hills High School trying to fix up Roscoe (again). Donovan the wendigo chimera places his teeth filled hand on Stiles’ shoulder and that brings us to some of the best acting I have seen from Dylan O’Brien since the Nogitsune in season 3b. Even though O’Brien didn’t say a word throughout the entire sequence, the emotion in his face spoke volumes.

Donovan starts talking about how his dad got paralyzed and it was all Sherriff Stilinski’s fault, which I feel will play a big part in the story line later because we didn’t get the full details before he jumps Stiles again. Nothing good happens in Beacon Hills High School at night! You would think after the kanima and so many other supernatural creatures tore it apart that they would make the school inaccessible, but to each its own.

Stiles climbs up what looked to be a construction ladder, since they are probably still fixing the library from the last time it was destroyed. In an act of self-defense, Stiles knocks down a couple of poles and one impaled Donovan in the chest and he dies. Killing people is completely against the pack’s code, so needless to say Stiles was freaking out.

He leaves to go to his car, but when he decides to go back into the library the body and some of the blood is gone. Of course it was everyone’s favorite shirtless supernatural creature disposer, Deputy Parrish.

I still haven’t figured out if he’s a good guy or a bad guy, but I’m not complaining about the shirtless scenes.

The pack tries to decode The Dread Doctors novel that Malia found in Tracy’s room. After she takes a joy ride driving lesson with Theo, she also figures out that the Desert Wolf might be the one responsible for her family’s death.

I think Malia’s character development has been so great and she’s been a huge help so far this season, I’m so here for her. Theo sees that it was dedicated to Dr. Vallack, Peter Hale’s old cellmate, a set up from the Dread Doctor’s themselves. Even though Theo is working with them, there has to be more to his story, someone that beautiful can’t be all evil.

I’m hoping that he was planted to make Malia fall in love with him, but then actually falls in love with her. They would make such a cute couple and would make way for Stydia to finally become canon. Also Cody Christian is my new favorite, so I hope he sticks around for a while.

Speaking of Stiles and Lydia, this was a great episode for Stydia shippers. They teamed up to work together again and went back to Eichen House. They were both almost killed there so emotions were running high and they were super touchy and cute.

Don’t get me wrong I love Malia, but nothing beats the five seasons of tension that has built between Lydia and Stiles. Scott even mentions to Kira about how obsessed Stiles used to be with Lydia and how some of those feelings are still there.

If that isn’t a sign from Jeff Davis that senior year is the year for Stydia, then I don’t know what is.

Dr. Vallack starts talking about how The Dread Doctors have been around before and how the book will lead the pack to the truth. Then Kira’s powers get all messed up and she causes the electricity to go out, allowing the Dread Doctors to enter Eichen and take out Vallack’s third eyeball. (Did anyone else notice it was the same contraption Loki used in the Avengers?)

Dr. Vallack uses Lydia’s banshee scream to escape Eichen, so I think that he is working with The Dread Doctors somehow, because why else would they let him live? They clearly don’t mind killing people since they’ve done it so many times before.

That’s all for now, but the sneak peek for next week’s episode had a bunch of fight scenes and a person who is rumored to be Claudia Stilinski, so you definitely don’t want to miss it!

You can watch our interviews with some of the cast members at San Diego Comic Con 2015 here.


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