Ship Wars: Pretty Little Liars

Today’s the day. After six years of teasing, audiences will finally come face to face with A. In a recent interview, Sasha Pieterse says that all questions about the past will be answered during tonight’s summer finale. Apparently A has been in more than five episodes.

You can bet that after the big reveal I’m going to go back and scan every episode. I have my own theories on who A is, but I want to lighten the mood a bit and talk about romance on the show. So to distract myself from biting my nails all the way until the finale tonight, I want to know your favorite ship on the show.

2014-01-29_14-18-55Mike and Mona may not be a hot item anymore but there’s no denying the
love the two share when Mike confronts Mona after her return to Rosewood. Despite Mona constantly pushing Mike away, it hasn’t deterred the younger Montgomery sibling from pursuing Mona. They’ve been through so much together and now that Mona’s back in Rosewood, their relationship has another chance. Hopefully they’ll take it!

Despite fan disapproval of the Semily relationship, there’s no denying that there is chemistry between Sara and Emily. Although the other liars don’t really seem to trust Sara, Emily does and that in itself should say enough to her friends. We also can’t ignore that Sara bailed on her own prom to be there for Emily’s. Will their love last in Rosewood? Considering Emily’s track record with girls, one can only hope.

aria-and-ezra-pretty-little-liars-ftrFinally Ezra and Aria, a love story that’s endured so much. It’s sad to see them apart this season but we’ve all seen the heart eyes that Ezra’s been shooting Aria when she isn’t looking. They have undeniable chemistry, but their relationship has proven to be too much for Aria to deal with after her recent kidnapping, but with after tonight’s reveal maybe things will change.


Vote for your favorites below and don’t forget to live tweet with us during the summer finale tonight at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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