4 Suggestions for Coping with Beauty and the Beast Withdrawal

Beauty and the Beast ended its third season on September 10. Although the show was already renewed for a fourth season, those episodes will most likely not air until sometime in the Summer of 2016.

How will fans survive such a long wait for new episodes?

Here are 4 suggestions for coping with Beauty and the Beast withdrawal.

  1. Rewatch the entire series. Even the most die-hard Beauty and the Beast fan can do with a refresher.
  2. Watch other series starring Beauty and the Beast actors. Although it’s hard to imagine the Beauty and the Beast actors as anyone other than the characters they currently play, several of the actors have starred in other great shows.  If you love Kristin Kreuk as Catherine, how about checking her out as Lana Lang in Smallville? Or perhaps watching Austin Basis in Life Unexpected? 
  3. Writing fan fiction. If you are creative, you might want to try your hand at writing a new chapter for Catherine and Vincent’s story. The great thing about writing fan fiction is you are the master of the characters’ fate.
  4.  Connect with other fans online. Beauty and the Beast has a very passionate fan base. Not only  in the United States but abroad. If you enjoy sharing your love of the show with others, the best way to do so is online.

Hopefully, doing one or more of these suggestions will keep you from contacting a nefarious government agency to help heal you of your withdrawal symptoms.

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