5 Things Fans May Want to See in the Nashville Season 4 Premiere

Spoiler Alert:  This article contains information from episodes that may not have aired in some regions.

Nashville is about more than just great country music. It’s drama at its highest with the music accentuating the characters stories.

Season 3 ended with the fates of several characters in question.

Here are 5 things fans may want to see in season 4 premiere.

  1. Who survived the surgery, Deacon or Beverly?  Alcoholic Deacon was diagnosed with liver cancer. After initially refusing to help save her brother’s life, Beverly finally agreed to be his donor. During the transplant surgery, a patient flatlined.  Who was it, Deacon or Beverly?
  2. Juliette’s postpartum depression escalates.  Juliette Barnes has experienced highs and lows in her singing career. But nothing has compared to suffering with PPD after the birth of her daughter.  She disappeared in the season finale, leaving husband Avery and her infant daughter alone. Her career seemed to be picking up when Luke signed her to his label.  But will Juliette’s untreated condition jeopardize everything?
  3. Will is out of the closet, what now?  After admitting at a press conference that he is gay, Will was released as an artist from Luke’s record label. Can he salvage his career?
  4. Teddy, from Mayor to convict.  After going on several dates arranged by Jeff Fordham that turned out to be with an escort, Teddy made the situation worst with blackmail to embezzle state funds. He was on his way to prison. How will Mayor Conrad handle the big house?
  5. Can Gunnar win Scarlett back?  Despite being in relationships with other people, it’s obvious that Gunnar and Scarlett belong together.  Can Gunnar convince her that they can make beautiful music on stage and off?

The season 4 premiere of Nashville airs September 23 at 10/9c on ABC.

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