Reasons to Get Excited for Empire Season 2

                                                                 Welcome to the Lyon’s den                                                   

FOX’s hot drama-soap opera series Empire is only a few days away from the premiere of Season 2. With the cliff hanger we had last season and all the goodness in between, fans were left wanting more.

Empire has grown to sweep the nation with over 17 million viewers, intriguing story-lines, talented vocalists and great acting!

Need a little something to get you excited for Empire Season 2?

  • COOKIE: More of her witty sass and fierceness to come in Season 2. The Mama of them all. The one that tries to keep everything together and keeps being her bad ass self! We love our Cookie!

  • Family ties and family feuds: With the season 1 finale, the Lyon family feuds are at an all-time high. Lucious is locked up (#FREELUCIOUS) and the Lyon brothers are still fighting for the Empire throne! More lies, deceit and danger is coming our way.
  • More vocal sweetness: One of the reasons why Empire is so very well-loved is the music it has to offer. Fans are excited to hear more pieces from Jamal and Hakeem. (If you haven’t listened to the Empire soundtrack, then what are you doing?)
  • More of Lucious’ devious ways: Now that he’s ditched the fancy suits and picked up an orange jumpsuit, there is no telling what this man has up his sleeves. He already thinks Cookie is the one who set him up and turned him into the authorities. He’s still the head CEO of Empire Entertainment and fans know he won’t let any bring him down. Not even the cold metal prison bars.

  • Guest appearances: From the trailer and some announcements, we know that Chris Rock will appear as a prison mate and Vivica A. Fox will guest star as Cookie’s sister. Ludacris, Kelly Rowland and Pitbull are also set to make appearances!


Missed the trailer for Season 2? Watch below!


Don’t miss the season 2 premiere Wednesday, September 23rd 9/8c on FOX!

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