The Ladies of Supernatural Convention Launch a Second Represent T-Shirt Campaign to Make #SPNLadiesCon a Reality

Like a battlecry of “Girl Power,”  the Ladies of Supernatural Convention is working very hard to make a Supernatural Convention to honor the talented actresses, writers, directors and crew members a reality.  There have been many gifted females who have contributed to the success of Supernatural over the past decade.  Yet, the number of women who have been invited to the show’s national and international conventions has been fairly low in comparison to their male counterparts.  Fans on social media have been quite vocal in their desire for a Ladies of Supernatural Convention.

To assist with these efforts, the Ladies of Supernatural Convention recently launched a Represent T-shirt campaign.  With the hashtag, #SpnLadiesCon,the Represent campaign seeks to raise funds to offset operational costs for the convention.

There are a little less than three weeks remaining in the campaign.

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