5 Super Moments From the Supergirl Series Premiere

Supergirl Series Premiere Recap

Supergirl finally premiered last night after its long anticipated wait, and it was super awesome! Supergirl is yet another production from the insanely talented Greg Berlanti. After watching the premiere, it was everything I wanted it to be and more. Plus the coming up epsiode looks promising folks! If you haven’t checked out the series premiere yet, here are 5 reasons you should.

Melissa Benoist. My Woman Crush Everyday. Seriously, she’s absolutely amazing! Whoever casted Melissa, made the right choice! She fits the character perfectly! Kara’s quirkiness, intelligence and all around cuteness makes you completely just adore her character. I mean just look at the grin folks.

Girl Power. Isn’t seeing a girl kick ass, and saving lives just like the greatest thing ever? I mean, Kara just saved a plane! Kara do your thing, girl! As much as we love our other friendly DC superheros; Oliver Queen and Barry Allen (to name a few) it’s about time we have a female superhero. Plus Supergirl is full of other powerful girl characters like Alex Danvers and Cat Grant.

Aliens! Unfortunately, they do NOT come in peace. They’ve come for vengeance. We learned that when Kara’s ship landed on Earth, it also brought along a Kryptonian prison ship with criminals who are not fans of Kara or her mother. Oops.

Hunk Alert! Hunk #1 Winn Schott. Kara’s work friend Schott is the third person that learns her secret. He agrees to help her create her look while not so subtly hitting on her.  Hunk #2 is Jimmy Olsen, who we later find out also knows Kara’s secret because Superman sent him to look out for her. More Winn and Jimmy please. This team Super is already forming. We can feel it.

Sister, sister. After facing and tackling criminals all by herself, Kara is captured by the D.E.O (Department of Extra-Normal Operations), the organization that’s in charge or eliminating the alien threat. At first, Kara was perceived as a threat, but with the help of her big sister Alex, who’s a D.E.O agent, the D.E.O and Kara work together! It’s nice to see Alex have Kara’s back. After all, what are sisters for, huh?

Excited for the what the season has in store for us? Looking forward to seeing our new favorite superhero kick ass again? Supergirl premieres Mondays at 8/7c on CBS!

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