Fandom Speaks: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Edition

Crickets. That’s what you hear on Tumblr when you check out the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tag. Crickets and media sources begging people to give the show a chance.

The very few people who did actually check out the show for its premiere this past Monday did seem to be pretty impressed by it. Their lonely voices were added to those of the critics and reviewers, trying to tell anyone who might listen that they should give this show a shot. That they shouldn’t let the title put them off. That it’s very self-aware and looking deeply at depression and the definition of ‘crazy’ in the midst of a silly and fantastical scenario.

Will others listen? Will the show be able to build an audience after such a rough start? Having ordered five more scripts, The CW Network sure seems to think so. What do they know that the average skeptic doesn’t?

If you are one of those who is turning up your nose at the premise of this show or is refusing to check it out simply based on the name, what would it take to get you to watch the premiere? To give it a chance? Sound off in the comments below!

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