Happy Birthday Matt Smith! His 11 Best Doctor Who Moments

Happy Birthday, Matt Smith! The actor turns 33 today and there’s no better to celebrate than looking back at eleven of his best moments playing the Eleventh Doctor (see what I did there?) on BBC’s Doctor Who.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years since Matt handed over the TARDIS keys to Peter Capaldi. But dry those tears, grab a bowl of fish fingers and custard or a packet of Jammy Dodgers and relax while we take a stroll down memory lane.

11. The Doctor vs The Cyber Planner (Nightmare in Silver)
It was one of those times when we got to see the show challenge Smith a little bit with the script and his dual performance was excellent.

If you miss Mr. Clever just a tad, then I recommend you watch Terminator Genisys. Smith’s role as Skynet has a little hint of the Cyber Planner in there.

10. Eleven Gets  A Job (Closing Time)

“I work in a shop now” happily states the Doctor.

Eleven’s never been shy of acquainting himself with the ways of human life and in Closing Time he bags himself a job in a department store sans interview. If only it were that easy for the rest of us!

When Craig finds the time traveler wandering around with a name tag, the Doctor states that it’s just incase he forgets who he is. Well, it happens to the best of us.

9. “I speak baby/horse” (Various Episodes)
The Doctor’s not so much bilingual, but lingual in practically everything!

Matt Smith’s Doctor was notorious for his language talents – translating everything from baby to horse.

How else would we have known Craig’s son Alfie prefers to be called Stormaggedon, Dark Lord of All or that Joshua The Horse would rather be called Susan?


8. “She’s a great kisser” (The Vampires of Venice)

One of my favourite episodes and probably one of the most awkward moments.

It’s Matt Smith’s Doctor at his comedy best and you do have to admire the Doctor’s honesty. What better way to tell a bloke that you kissed his bride-to-be than by jumping out of a cake at his stag do?

7. The Doctor in the White House (The Impossible Astronaut)

While investigating the terrifying Silence, the Doctor finds himself in the Oval Office.

One of his requests? Twelve jammy dodgers and a fez. That’s the Doctor we know and love!

6. Speech to the Old God (Rings of Akhaten)

One of the best things about Matt Smith’s Doctor was the powerful speeches he gave and trust me, you’ll see more of them on the list in a second!

The speech to the Old God is one of Smith’s best emotional performances as he belts out the monologue with tears in his eyes.

5. Hello, Stonehenge! (The Pandorica Opens)

Another speech! This time the Doctor is talking to the stars where all the baddies of the universe have gathered.

4. Basically….run (The Eleventh Hour)

Flashback to April 3rd 2010 where a newly regenerated Doctor crash landed onto our screens.

In a scene that initially wasn’t included script, the Eleventh Doctor confronts the Atraxi. As the gigantic eye projects all of the Doctor’s past faces, Eleven steps through and proudly says….


3. Hello, old friend (The Angels Take Manhattan)

Matt Smith’s Doctor wouldn’t have been complete without his traveling companions. The dynamic that the Doctor shared with Amy, Rory and River was something so rare and so special. That same dynamic is also what made The Angels Take Manhattan so very hard to watch.

As we say goodbye to Amy and Rory, the epilogue is a true testament to Smith’s acting ability and how he can express the Doctor’s grief and sorrow without the need for words.

2. The Drunken Giraffe (The Big Bang)

It’s a Doctor-ish dance craze that we wish had sweeped the nation so we wouldn’t have to suffer odd glances every time we bust the move out at wedding receptions.

Who needs twerking when you could be doing the drunken giraffe instead?

1. Fish Fingers and Custard (The Eleventh Hour)

It’s one of the first things many associate Matt Smith’s Doctor with and has been iconic as the bow-tie Eleven adorned.

The Eleventh Doctor lands on Earth, walks into a tree and tucks into a bit of normal human grub. However, he’s not that keen on it. Especially beans. Beans are evil. Bad, bad beans”

One thing the Doctor did enjoy? Fish fingers and some custard!

BONUS: Revisiting Smith’s time as the Doctor made me cry. If you didn’t shed a tear, don’t fret, I’ve got just the video.

The Eleventh’s Doctor ‘sneeze regeneration’, as it’s sometimes referred to, was such a heartbreaking moment. But it was the speech before it that had me sobbing.

A brilliant end to a brilliant Doctor. Someone pass the tissues!

Happy Birthday, Matt Smith!

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