Gilmore Girls ‘ship watch: Season 1

I have a major confession. I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls. I have seen an episode here or there, always out of context, and am familiar with the main characters and general themes, but I’ve never watched it all the way through. As someone who is fairly plugged in to the world of television, I am well aware of the fact that there were, throughout the series, three men in Rory’s life and that fans of the show are seriously divided on which–if any–of them is best suited to be her partner for life. I have recently begun to binge watch the series and am excited to see where in this debate I fall. I can already tell that I am going to change my mind a lot. But in order to keep me honest, I am going to chronicle my thoughts on Rory’s love life here at Talk Nerdy With Us after each season. Clearly, as the seasons progress and more characters are introduced and Rory’s life gets more complex, my feelings will as well. For now, though, there’s only one guy in the picture and boy do I adore him. Here’s where I’m at after season 1.

Dean. Holy swoonworthy, Batman. I have loved Dean since the moment he appeared. I love how much he cares for Rory. I love how enamored he is with her and that he appreciates her quirks and that he isn’t intimidated by how smart she is. I love that he went to the Chilton dance with her because he knew it was important and that he took note of their anniversary. I love that he planned a special night for three months.  And I really love that he waits for her at the bus stop. That gesture epitomizes romance for me, and I’ve been team Dean since the first time I saw him there.

When I expressed these feelings on twitter, several people pointed out that I would soon feel frustrated with Dean for acting like an idiot. They were referring to the fact that moments after I tweeted, Dean told Rory he loved her and when she didn’t respond in kind, he basically threw a tantrum and the relationship ended. It was a devastating turn of events, but I didn’t walk away feeling frustrated with Dean; I was frustrated with Rory.

Of course Rory is under no obligation to say she loves Dean if she does not. Nor should she feel coerced into doing so just because he said it first. But, what I saw when I watched that scene was a tremendously vulnerable 16-year-old boy. It’s not that Rory didn’t reciprocate the “I love you.” It’s that she gave him no reassurance at all that she cared about him, too. I am certain she was uncomfortable and she, too, is young and unsure how to navigate these new and confusing circumstances. I don’t blame Rory, but I do think that Dean put himself out there and needed to be reassured in that moment; instead, he was mortified. Further, Rory continually telling her mother that Dean didn’t want to be her boyfriend anymore felt incredibly unfair.

To my endless glee, the season ended with a reunion. A really lovely, ‘shiptastic reunion, complete with the line “…Because I love you, you idiot!” It is clear to me that Rory and Dean are going to have many obstacles ahead. Rory is Ivy League bound and has ginormous ambitions. Dean seems to be pretty happy in small-town Connecticut. As Rory evolves into the person she’s always wanted to be, I’m not sure there will be room for Dean. But, right now, at this moment, I’m all in with these two.

Lorelei Bonus:

I know Luke’s the OTP, but I gotta say…I like Max Medina.


Who knows where I’ll be after season 2! Be sure to come back and follow my Gilmore journey! 




  1. Hi Tamar! I only watched the show in its entirety last year 😉 Like you, I had seen an episode here and there, but it never really grabbed me the first time around.
    Anyhoo… Dean’s pretty perfect in that 1st season, isn’t he? He’s kind of the perfect 1st boyfriend.
    Looking forward to reading what you think of the other seasons/boyfriends 🙂

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