Jane the Virgin Fandom Speaks: The Three Most Talked About Parts of Last Night’s Episode (SPOILERS)

As usual, Jane the Virgin delivered a superb episode that upped the ante on all fronts. On the Tumblr front, there were three things that appear to have stood out the most to the fandom.

3. Petra’s mom referenced Red from Orange is the New Black!

Yes. The pop culture phenomenon that is OITNB has made its way into this beloved comedy in the most perfect way possible. It was so unexpected and yet so well-timed. Bravo, everyone involved in creating that scene. Bravo.

2. Jane and Petra’s budding friendship.

The interaction between Jane and Petra was absolutely precious. They finally have something in common besides Rafael! Jane will make such a good sister figure to Petra if Petra gives her the chance. This needs to happen. Powers That Be, are you listening? Get on that, NOW!

1. Who should have Jane’s heart?

When it comes to Ship Wars, this fandom appears to know how to ship and let ship, a truly impressive feat for any fandom. No arguments, no impassioned accusations, no hate whatsoever.

After the physical altercation between Michael and Rafael in last week’s episode, it appears that there may be some in the fandom who are switching sides in the great ship debate. Others, however, are taking a very ‘wait and see’ approach to the whole thing and mourned in text posts on Tumblr the fact that there was next to no Michael in last night’s episode.

Those on #TeamRafael, however, were more than a little pleased to see him being such a good dad, going to Mommy Group (and singing to little Mateo!), and really showing Jane that he could be not only a stand up guy but a super involved parent.

On the romance front, Rafael tried to move on, but it just didn’t work. And now…what do we have to look forward to? A #Jafael date!

Can’t wait to see what happens next. How about you?

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