Lisa N Edwards Book Chasing Butterflies to be Released December 1st

Old Man Winter will soon awaken from his months long slumber. There is already a predictable chill blanketing the air. A hot chocolate and a good book beckons.

You can’t fight fate so allow your mind to journey into the world of author Lisa N Edwards.

Edwards is an actress, presenter, producer and writer of the award-winning screenplay, LIMBO. Her novel, Can’t Fight Fate, is the well-written, riveting story of Nikki, an entertainment lawyer who must decide whether to embrace destiny and walk along the road leading towards the soul mate that a psychic had long foretold.

In Chasing Butterflies, the long anticipated sequel to Can’t Fight Fate, Nikki’s story continues. Will she finally find the green-eyed man of her heart’s desire? Or, does fate cruelly want a broken heart to be her life’s sad refrain?

Chasing Butterflies will be released on December 1st.

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