Nashville: Aftermath Speculation on Jeff Fordham’s Death

58c92876d68aefa5a51800b5e81e83dcSpoiler alert: This article contains information from the episode titled “Please Help Me, I’m Fallin” which may not have aired yet in some regions.

The circumstances expressed regarding the aftermath of Jeff Fordham’s death are fictitious and are the product of the author’s imagination.  They have not happened on Nashville.

Jeff Fordham has done some despicable things and alienated a number of people including but not limited to Rayna, Teddy, Avery and Juliette.  It’s certain that one or more of these people wished him dead on more than one occasion.  However, none of these would have conceived such a tragic death for him as plummeting off the roof of a building.

When news begins reaching the music community of Nashville, shock waves are felt as far away as Memphis. The former head of Edgehill Records wouldn’t have won any popularity contests but his recent collaboration with Luke Wheeler had put him back on the industry radar.

Of course, speculation about why he was on the roof in the first place are starting to circulate. Many wonder whether his death was a suicide.

No way was Jeff trying to kill himself, Layla Grant cries.  She knows they were happy and despite what anyone thought about their relationship, Jeff loved her. Now he would never get to meet their child. How is she going to raise their baby alone? She’ll never sing again, unless it’s the blues.

Still in a booze and alcohol haze, Juliette Barnes doesn’t even remember how she got back to her room. However, she keeps getting these flashes in which she sees Jeff’s fall. Oh God, was she there?

A witness to the accident is Luke’s son Cole. After helping Juliette get back to her room, he told his father what happened. But Luke swears him to keep quiet. Wheel and Deal Records can survive the lost of Jeff but the negative publicly of him dying while saving the company’s biggest artist from attempting suicide, would have a serious impact. He’s glad he hadn’t announced Jeff as Wheel and Deal’s new CEO yet, as far as the world knows he was just Layla’s manager.

Rayna can’t believe Jeff is dead. Ever the mother hen, she tries to offer whatever comfort she can to Layla.

What really will happen once Nashville learns of Jeff’s death?

Tune in to Nashville on Wednesday, November 11 at 10/9c on ABC to find out.






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