Once Upon a Zombie Doll Review


Just in time for the Zombie Apocalypse (and the holidays, which could be the same thing if you think about it) comes the new doll series Once Upon a Zombie from The Toon Studios of Beverly Hills. Known for the “Art of Reimagination”, Toon Studios produces Junior Elf Books, Zombie Cars, Fairy Tale High, and half a dozen other products based on fairy tales. With their new doll series, the company is ready to go head to head with Mattel’s Monster High and Ever After High.

As a doll lover and collector for the better part of my life, I get excited when a new doll series comes out. Right now there are six dolls in the line, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel , Belle and The Little Mermaid. It was very hard to choose which doll I wanted, because they are all so lovely (strange to say about a zombie, but it’s true). The dolls range in price on Amazon.com from $17.00- $24.99. I decided on Rapunzel because I have a weakness for red hair.

I was not disappointed when she arrived. Zombie Rapunzel has big, wide blue eyes, a lovely purple dress (not too tattered and worn), and a long strawberry blonde braid that trails past her feet. She has a similar structure and daintiness that the Monster/Ever After dolls have, which I find charming. Zombification has been kind to Rapunzel, and her stitches are dark purple on light gray skin. I had to really struggle with the unbox/Mint in box decision, because I really wanted to pose her delicate multi-jointed figure as well as check out the guide, brush and doll stand she comes with. For now I have decided to keep her in her box. It is a sturdy box with a large display window, and she really shines next to similar dolls. This is going to be a line of dolls to watch, but they may have a way to go to best the hugely popular Monster High.

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