To Hell and Back: Teen Wolf Trailer Breakdown

We are just a little over a month away from the second half of Teen Wolf Season 5 on January 5th and it is clear from the trailer that dropped yesterday that the Dread Doctors were just a taste of the terrors yet to come to Beacon Hills. Not only do we have new villains and creatures such as the mysterious Beast to look forward to, but some of the old, but not forgotten characters have returned as well. Since the pack is in their senior year, it only makes sense that Jeff Davis is pulling out all the big guns.


Theo, the leader of the zombie pack, narrates the beginning of the trailer through a clip montage of police cars, the new pack members, Kira running in slow motion, and Scott noticeably feeling alone. A big surprise in the opening sequence was the upgraded security at Beacon Hills High School. So many terrible things have occurred at that high school and in the town in general, I’m surprised that it took them 5 seasons to get police officers to even acknowledge that something was wrong.

The montage quickly cuts from an emotional Stiles sitting in a chair to a Sciles reunion. After Scott got a falsified account from Theo about the Donovan situation, their relationship at the end of the season ended on the rocks, so it is nice to see them working together again.

Theo clearly has some insight as to what the Beast is and the plan that the Dread Doctors have for it. Even though they only show the concept picture and a few claws, it is clear that the packs will need to work together to bring it down. Especially if the disturbing image of dead bodies with insects flying over them is any indication of what havoc this creature bring.

Then there is a quick sequence of characters that were gone but haven’t been killed off (yet): Deucalion, Gerard, Chris Argent, and Deaton. This leads to not only a Marrish shower scene, but also Theo and Malia, another potential couple, getting feisty in what looks like the guidance counselor’s office, as well as Layden reunited at last. This leads to a Stydia parallel full of feels! Stiles leads Lydia in the gutter beneath Eichen House, the same way that Lydia supported Stiles in Season 3B when he was weak from his separation from the Nogitsune.


The Nogitune in Season 3B
The Nogitune in Season 3B

Even though lacrosse is back, the chaotic trailer shows that instead of the humorous locker room scenes that we had in the first season, we as viewers will literally be going to hell and back.


You won’t want to miss the premiere of Teen Wolf Season 5B on a new night and time: Tuesday, January 5th at 9/8c on MTV.

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