Book Review: Chasing Butterflies by Lisa N. Edwards

“He’s every bit that lion, and you’re his prey.”

“His eyes are green crystal green.”

Entertainment lawyer Nikki Kirkpatrick is still on her hunt for the green-eyed man of her heart’s desire that psychics reveal is a part of her destiny in Chasing Butterflies. Chasing Butterflies is Lisa N. Edwards compelling sequel to the captivating Can’t Fight Fate.

Chasing Butterflies is a worthy successor to Can’t Fight Fate. This book continues on the theme of being present in the moment and appreciating the treasures inherent in each day while attempting to reconcile the powerful siren of fate and a future that awaits.

Edwards writes with a comfortable intimacy peeling back all layers of her characters. We get the imperfections in all of their realistic glory and that is what is so powerful about Edwards’ writing style. It is honest and authentic. Her characters mirror us. When they shed their vulnerability, we are inclined to feel their hurt. And when they succeed, we applaud their victories. As the reader journeys through this riveting page turner, a beautiful narrative continues to emerge. Edwards understands character motivation and is equally skilled at threading her characters within the fabric of the plot. Her writing style is thoughtful allowing the main protagonist, Nikki, to reflect on her desires and choices.

Character thoughts, an inner dialogue peppered throughout the book, permit the reader to ask the same questions and, perhaps, seek the same answers that Nikki is also seeking. The pacing is effective.

In addition, Edwards’ secondary characters enrich the story. Best friend Siobhan has her own drama surrounding the men in her life, Alex and Bradley. In many ways, Nikki and Siobhan are so much alike. They are intelligent, fiercely independent women who also crave love as they chase the often elusive happily ever after.

Monte is a wealthy, powerful man. He showers Nikki with material treasures befitting of his jet setting lifestyle. Yet, while he is financially generous, he is emotionally unavailable to Nikki. His son Calvin soon becomes a part of Nikki’s life. The handsome young man has a complicated relationship with his father. And while Calvin comes off as arrogant and narcissistic, he also proves to Nikki on more than one occasion that he is her “knight in faded denim.”

The words “Beware” or “Be aware” were uttered by a psychic that Nikki visited in reference to Nikki’s green-eyed mystery man. The problem is, Nikki isn’t quite sure what word framed the psychic’s warning. These words continue to haunt Nikki. It also doesn’t help when some of the men from her past appear to complicate her already complicated life. Add to the mix an event that engulfs Siobhan that seems to have a domino effect for those around her.

I was particularly mesmerized by how effectively Edwards mined the metaphor of the butterfly. After reading this book, the reader will have no doubt about the genius of the title Chasing Butterflies. Edwards is clever as she notes the transition of the caterpillar to a butterfly in highlighting Nikki’s romantic struggles. When Edwards writes ,”With a butterfly everyday crushes its wings”, the words resonate. The reader feels the poignancy.

After reading Can’t Fight Fate, I had eagerly anticipated Chasing Butterflies. The charm of this sequel is in its ability to pay homage to its predecessor while still managing to stand on its own creative strengths.

I highly recommend Chasing Butterflies. Edwards left the reader with some cliffhangers. The good news: there is another book to round the amazing trilogy called Seed of the Sunflower.

So as we watch one butterfly take its place in the azure sky, our heart may feel regret. But there are others who are Chasing Butterflies just as there are others ready to rejoice when the Seed of the Sunflower is poised to bloom.

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