Music Review: Ignite, “War Against You”

Ignite is a band that formed in 1993 in Southern California, and became prominent during the punk/hardcore movement of the era. The band went through some lineup changes, while others played in different bands for awhile, such as Pennywise, and the Misfits, before coming together again for their first record in over a decade. Lead vocalist and lyricist Zoli Teglas and band members Brett Rasmussen, Craig Anderson, Brian Balchack and Nik Hill have created a masterful, melodic hard rock effort, and more metal than punk. Teglas’ vocals soar, and his lyrics are personal, yet socially and politically conscious. Themes running through the CD are the cost of war, the immigrant experience, and the belief that we can all make a difference. Serious subjects, but Teglas always remains positive and encouraging.

“All on You” is about fighting the good fight and not giving up; “Nothing Can Stop Me” was written for a friend battling cancer. “This is War” hammers home the need to be socially conscious and active. Many of the songs have catchy hooks, like “Oh No Not Again” and “Rise Up.”

Teglas sings of his own immigrant experience (he is of Hungarian descent) on “Where I’m From” and “You Saved Me” has distinctive spiritual overtones. The CD works as a journey, from the pick yourself up opener to the final two tracks “Forward” and Work,” which encourages listeners to never back down, stand up for what you believe.

Teglas himself is a social activist, and the band has performed for the organizations Earth First and Doctors without Borders. It’s a powerful CD, although it’s closer to symphonic metal or alternative metal than to the band’s punk and hardcore beginnings. The CD was produced by Cameron Webb of Motorhead. The band is planning on touring heavily in 2016, mostly in Europe. Here’s hoping it will get airplay on American alt or metal stations, or picked up by one of the rock stations on Sirius XM. “War Against You” deserves that broader audience.


A War Against You will be available for purchase on January 8, 2016.

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