Manson’s Lost Girls premiers on Lifetime

Lifetime takes on Charles Manson with the premier of Manson’s Lost Girls on Saturday, February 6 at 8:00pm ET/PT. The Lifetime Original Movie stars a team of fresh faces as the young women who fell under the spell of Manson and accompanied him on his wild ride through the summer of 1969.

Manson PromoManson’s Lost Girls tells the story of young mother Linda Kasabian (MacKenzie Mauzy, Into the Woods) as she arrives at Spahn Ranch in California and is immediately drawn to Manson (Jeff Ward, The Mentalist) and his message of peace and love. Kasabian is quickly welcomed into Manson’s “family” until she flees the cult following the gruesome Helter-Skelter rampage.  Her eventual eye-witness testimony was key to the prosecution and conviction of Manson and several of his “family” members including Susan Atkins (Greer Grammer, Awkward), Tex Watson (Christian Madsen, Divergent) Patricia Krenwinkel (Isabel Shill, Orange is the New Black), Leslie Van Houten (Eden Brolin, I Dream Too Much), Bobby Beausoleil (Garrett Coffey, Battle for Skyark), and Lynnette “Squeaky” Fromme (Grace Victoria Cox, Under the Dome).

Produced by Asylum Entertainment, Manson’s Lost Girls is directed by Leslie Libman (NCIS) from a script written by Matthew Tabak (Plain Truth) and Stephen Kronish (The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe).   Executive Producers are Steven Michaels and Jonathan Koch (The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe) and Nancy Bennett (The Red Tent).

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