Spilling the Tea: MTV’s Teen Wolf

It’s no secret that Teen Wolf revolutionized scripted content on MTV when it premiered in 2011. It showed that a supernatural show could hold its own on a network that was mainly known for music videos and reality shows. That being said, what the hell is happening in Season 5?! Don’t get me wrong, the show started getting a bit confusing in Season 4, but the current season has faltered significantly when it comes to following through with plot lines and having an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality when it comes to certain characters. After last night’s episode, Codominance, members of the Teen Wolf fandom perfectly summed up the way the season has been going so far.



The tea has officially been spilled. Between Theo’s plan, the Dread Doctor’s plan, Braeden and Malia’s plan, Lydia and Meredith’s plan, Kira’s uncontrollable wolf side, Liam and Hayden’s secret relationship, Deputy Parrish being out of control, several characters missing in action, and all of the random villains that have returned to Beacon Hills, I can’t keep up anymore. I hope that Teen Wolf can find it’s direction before they start filming Season 6, but in the meantime, feel free to leave comments below on how you think this season of Teen Wolf is going.

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