‘Supernatural’ Fan Favorites Return in Season 11

"Weekend at Bobby's" - Jim Beaver as Bobby and Steven Williams as Rufus in SUPERNATURAL on The CW. Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

One thing all ‘Supernatural’ fans know is that no matter how dead you think someone is, there is always a chance for them to come back. ‘Supernatural’ has been on the air for over 10 seasons and we have seen characters return as ghosts, be brought back from hell, survive reapers, and even help hunt while in heaven. Now, this season, two of its biggest most beloved characters will be returning for a new story line in season 11.

According to TVLine, Jim Beaver and Steven Williams will return in an upcoming episode to reprise their roles as hunters Bobby Singer and Rufus. Bobby was killed off in season 7 and Rufus died in season 6, though both have since made return appearances in the afterlife. Every episode that brings either of these characters back instantly becomes a fan favorite. Now, not only will fans get to see their Bobby and Rufus back, but it won’t be as a ghost or a message from above. TVLine said we will get to see them in a flashback.

According to showrunner Jeremy Carver who spoke to BuddyTV, the episode will find Sam and Dean investigating a case Bobby and Rufus looked into several years ago. Flashbacks will show the old hunters and friends working the case. The flashbacks will apparently take place back in season 5 on the show’s timeline. As we all know, we love Jim Beaver so much and it was so hard seeing him die. So this is a great way to bring him back and see him out in the field on a hunt. Now, if only the writers could find a way to have Cas, played by Misha Collins, bring back Beaver and Williams full-time so we can here him call the boys “idjits” or have Rufus yell at them on a weekly basis.

‘Supernatural’ returns for the second half of season 11 starting Wednesday, January 20 at 9pm on the CW.

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