Can’t Swim’s New EP Will be Sailing Into Airwaves with Death Deserves A Name on February 26

Can’t Swim is a band out of NJ and was founded last year, 2015. Their EP is a blend of alternative rock, pop- punk, post grunge and indie rock that is sure to get the New Jersey band some positive attention. The newest addition to Pure Noise Records is bringing to the label the combined experiences of all band members, who were all in prior groups before Can’t Swim.

Lead singer Chris “Krier” Loporto stated in a press release, “I never really pictured myself being a singer or a songwriter, it was just something I started doing recently to pass the time. I was sending demos to friends (who later became members of the band) just to bounce ideas off them and get their opinion on different parts of the songs. After they got involved, it started to feel real and not just something I was doing in my bedroom. Shortly after that, the guys over at Pure Noise heard the songs and wanted to be a part of it. From the first conversation we had with them, everything just feels right. It’s a great fit.”

“There’s something I’m afraid to hide,” growls Krier on the EP’s first track, “Your Clothes.” Certainly Krier isn’t afraid to bear his soul lyrically or play with his extensive vocal range. “Your Clothes” is a hardcore blend of punk, alt and screamo, as is the second song, “Way It was.” The tone changes on the melodic “Right Choice “that clearly highlights Krier’s vocal talent. “Come Home” is also a lighter yet more sophisticated song; guitars and drums clearly shine through, letting the work of Chez (guitar), Danny (drums) and Greg (bass) stand out. My favorite song on the EP is the title track, “Death Deserves A Name,” a poignant song of loss and pain.

Can’t Swim will be launching a tour to support the record beginning March 16th. This is definitely a new band to watch, with an overall tight, engaging EP. They promise an exciting live show.

You can follow the band and read more of Krier’s interview on their website, The band is on Facebook and Twitter.

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