Deadpool: Marvel’s Valentines Day Present to the World

Wait ‘til you get a load of this guy. On February 12th Marvel will release the movie depicting the origin story of the snarky anti-hero Deadpool, 25 years after his first appearance. The movie has received an infinite amount of support and praise from fans and critics alike for Ryan Reynolds’ witty humor and complete dedication to the character. To be honest, nobody really knows where Ryan Reynolds ends and Deadpool begins.

Marvel is holding nothing back in terms of marketing this film, spending an estimated $7.2 million in national advertisements according to With top spending on networks such as ESPN, FOX, and Cartoon Network, the movie has also accumulated a massive online presence. The press tour for the movie has introduced us to Deadpool, but he can’t do everything on his own. He is joined by Colossus, a 7-and-a-half-foot tall mutant that can transform his body into a form of steel. The man behind the mask is Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic. He sat down with EW to give special details about the movie before its premiere.

Stefan is a huge comic book nerd and was genuinely happy to have the opportunity to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Colossus. He finished his performance in mid-December, eight weeks before the movie premiered in theaters, and months after the first trailer had dropped at San Diego Comic Con. He tells EW, “Like most kids growing up, I read a lot of comic books and acted out some of the characters with friends. Since I can remember, I wanted to be a superhero, so it’s not just a movie for me or just another role. It’s a fulfillment of my dreams on so many levels.”

This dream project was a top-secret project, a secret that he actually couldn’t share with anyone. He was a last-minute replacement for Andre Tricoteux, but he was truly committed to doing the character justice. Since the character has such a dedicated fan base, he wanted to make sure that the portrayal was as consistent to the comic books as possible. This included a Russian accent that was not much different from his native tongue and a stunt double to add the extremely tall height effect with motion capture.

If you are still debating whether to venture to the theaters this weekend, Stefon exclaims, “It’s great finding a comic book character that doesn’t care about following traditional comic book rules by breaking the fourth wall and being explicit about everything. This gives Deadpool the arrogance which you just have to love.”

Since the sequel to Deadpool is already in the works and the movie has a nearly perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this non-family friendly movie is definitely one to watch this Valentine’s Day weekend. You can watch the trailer below, and catch Deadpool in theaters nationwide on February 12th.

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